X-rated Affairs Inside The Fitness Industry


by Anders JP Eskilsson

– Can you see that dirty old neon sign laying there?
– Yes, I can see that. It is usually hidden in the back alleys of the industry…and it smells.
– What do you think? Should we start cleaning up this area from the X-rated material in this container and try to get rid of it once and for all?
– On the outskirts of the fitness industry there is a special shady alternative of jobs going on – I’m thinking of side jobs inside the adult film entertainment.
These activities on the side were a few athletes are involved in is not so often talked about – nor its effects throughout the industry. As I see it, this is a pretty big problem on different levels – something that the article also will examine closer. The actors or actresses themselves in these movies or x-rated modeling shoots might think that it is their choices to make and it does not really hurt anyone but possibly themselves.

Well I have a different opinion.

As an example, can you imagine what it would look like if The Williams Sisters – two real tennis ambassadors – would have appeared in X-rated movies like: “Hard and sweaty rackets” or “Balls to the Wall II”? The answer is simple – it would have been a disaster for both of them and the tennis industry, and also a great disrespect to his fellow pro athletes in tennis community.
Additionally if this had been about another sporting organizations ranging from figure skating to the NBA – I bet that they would have fired your ass in a moment. With an ownership of a pro card – it basically means that you represent the organization, industry and also your fellow athletes whether you like it or not.

One other question concerning the topic of this article is why people choose to turn to the adult industry? Some might argue that they cannot afford all the expenses that come around like a pro athlete. In my opinion, if you have the ability to become a pro bodybuilder or fitness athlete and still not feel you have money you want – then you can use this drive and momentum to find a better job.

Another possible scenario with dirty side job is this one. Let us say that a new company plans to invest money in a new show with additional expo. These newcomers and possible promoters to the world of fitness might want to do some of their own background search. By googling the athletes they encounter and may want to know more about the sport. What do you think will happen CEO of a possible promotion companies googled some of the pro athletes that might be competing the show they are planning to promote – and after Well, 2o seconds or similar the first image pops up – with one of the possible competing athletes with a cucumber shoved up in their ass. I’m quite sure that – as a new comer and as an entrepreneur who has some interest in investing in a bodybuilding Pro show. I believe that his or hers interest rate would decrease very rapidly after seeing something similar.

When it comes to personal effects and how the adult industry can hurt you Kai Greene is a name that pops up. And his earlier phase of life, who knows – maybe Kai Greene could have been Mr. Olympia already if he had not been in the adult industry for a while. And although it is history for him – it still causes some problems for him as today. Never go away things that are controversial in one way or another will always stay on the internet – that is something to consider especially for the younger athletes who might see a chance to make some money in the porno jungle.
If this is done at the amateur level, there is a difference from when you are a pro and an ambassador there is a much bigger issue to take responsibility for. It is usual greedy. Just think about yourself – think of the people who love fitness. There is something called class and treat passion with respect – and who want to take their passion in the dirt?

Do not get me wrong in some ways sexiness is of course part of the industry – but to keep it classy there is a line to be drawn and that line has been crossed when you go all-in on the pornographic activity. And just because I’m not totally against the adult industry means that I would like to have it on the flat screen when I’m doing my cardio at or when I’m eating my breakfast. These are to separate worlds that doesn’t always mix.

If you truly think that the adult industry and fitness is your inner passions and calls in life, fine. If so I believe that you should either choose the pro career and all of its responsibilities or X-rated career – but do not mix them up – because that’s a bad match. Because while you are a pro athlete you represent an entire industry – and far most you fellow athletes who train and work on the side to reach their highest level might not want to be affiliated with “Squats in the dark II”.

Final words: I believe it is time to take more notice of the possible consequences by mixing up the fitness industry with adult film activities and also point out that these crossover projects actually causes harm in different ways. These are not the best choices if you want to be respected both inside and outside of the culture of fitness. Remember this not just about you – this is about the whole game of bodybuilding and fitness because everyone is sitting in the same house and are building and expanding it together.