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Beginner and High Doses Why?


by Cade Thomas

Some bodybuilders (using the term loosely) want to grow, some bodybuilders want to get lean, some bodybuilders want to maintain, and some bodybuilders just want to take drugs. You could definitely say that all enhanced bodybuilders choose to take drugs, and that is correct. The reason I separated taking drugs from the actual goals related to their body, is that some seem really focused on how many mg’s of drugs they can take regardless if it will benefit their physique.

The way my brain works when it comes to progression is I highlight a short term mission (add size, lose fat, etc) and then construct the most efficient plan to get there…while also considering long term goals and making sure the methods I use now won’t bite me in the ass down the road. That way you can structure a diet and supplement regime that will inch you towards your desired result every single day and not do any more or less than is required.

I’m not here to imply that someone can blow up on 200mgs of Test if their diet and training is up to snuff, that is really only going to get you so far (AKA not far), but it seems that people in the bodybuilding world either prescribe suspiciously low doses or they have zero regards for their bodies and think that more is always better.

What makes someone with little gym experience want to take more drugs than they need? Psychologically it seems very strange to me that someone who could make great progress on 400-500mg of combined AAS would want to run 800mgs of test and 600mg of deca weekly plus 50mg of dbol a day. If we hypothetically took the same person and cloned them and then one did 3 small cycles that each pyramided up and then reached 1.5 grams maybe at 2 years around cycle number 4 or 5 and compared them to someone who did 1.5 grams for 4 cycles and stayed there (both coming off for same amount of time etc), would we really see much difference? Other than the total amount of drugs used (or wasted) of course.

I know the answer is debatable, but I really feel that taking enough to make steady progress is all you need to do. This number is going to go up over the course of your time using and I feel it is extremely immature to deny yourself of easy gains off minimal supplements.

The obsession sometimes seems to be a fetishizing of drugs even more so than with muscle. It’s like bringing ecstasy, cocaine, vodka, and LSD to your first party instead of a few beers. The sad thing is that most of these people burn themselves out and vanish from the gym altogether, and then they are left with bottomed out hormone levels which is not a fun souvenir from a lifestyle you don’t follow anymore.

There is becoming more and more evidence that your body will actually be able to utilize higher doses the longer one stays on and the more usage experience they have, through an increase in androgen receptors. This would certainly explain why a beginner on 1 gram of gear might not look that much more impressive than a beginner on 300mgs. Unfortunately, this information and anecdotal evidence is not enough to stop most of these people from loading up on stuff and wasting their money. Usually, the type of person who rushes the doses is also the same person who completely falls off track with their training and can’t maintain any form of diet year round.

There’s no problem with being on heavier cycles of gear at certain times in your bodybuilding career but save them for when they are needed.

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