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“Random Thoughts” – Lance Armstrong

by Craig Titus
Craig Titus

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Let’s discuss, or should I say rant about what an absolute idiot Lance Armstrong is…idiot!! What were you thinking? Who gave you the foolish idea to come clean in an interview with Oprah? Which person or publicist convinced you to admit, after years and years of denial, that you did in fact use athletic enhancing drugs? The reason had to be an outside source to have you confirm, that of which most of us already knew was true, because you conscience couldn’t have been a factor! Lance, you and I both know that you weren’t cheating. It’s certainly not cheating when 20 guys riding bikes right next to you are all using the same drugs you are!!

Holy Shit…Lance what were you thinking? Lance achieved what 100s of professional riders dream about and work for not once but 7 times…seven time Tour De France Champion. So what if you used EPO and Nandrolone. It’s nobody’s fuckin business! Especially when dozens of riders racing on either side of you are doing the same exact thing…using EPO and steroids. I can’t say 100% of you were using EPO and Nandrolone, however I am certain that had I consulted you in your guest to become a champion, EPO and Nandrolone would’ve been the first two athletic enhancing drugs recommended…in addition to testosterone. EPO and Nondrolone decanoate (Deca-Durabolin) both for the benefit of increasing red blood cell concentration and testosterone for a huge boost in over all strength. Anyway, that’s a entirely different story at this point in lance Armstrong’s life. Now lance has decided to boost ratings for Oprah and admit to using drugs to achieve his goals…what the fuck was Lance thinking? Maybe he thought his admission would some how look admirable and all would be forgiven? I don’t know, but let me tell you what did happen. First, let me once again emphasize that in my opinion Lance was not cheating in the first place…it’s not cheating when the playing field is the same!! The ramifications of his admission far out weigh any good he mistakably thought would come of this all those sports reporters who lance denied using Athletic Enhancing Drugs to, feel like absolute fools and are now voicing their disdain on national television, on the internet and in magazines all over the world!! Where lance was just suspected of using EPO steroids, he’s now a cheat, and a liar by confirming other’s suspicions…there’s no forgiveness, no understanding, just judgmental hypocrites running their mouths pretending they were oblivious to AEDs and plan on filing civil law suits to regain some of their sponsorship money!! All was fine and dandy when lance won back to back titles. Everything was golden where lance’s victories its brought in millions for the companies sponsoring him, sponsors and knowing full well that most of professional riders use EPO and Steroids…but that’s something that’s excepted as long as no one gets caught. Lance, all you had to do was keep your mouth SHUT! The only reason the sixe snitched ratted on you in the first place is because they didn’t win, they weren’t the champion. The worst part of this entire debacle is the snitched and rats will be forgiven…they’ll be admired be the general public for their honesty. Honesty? What a fucking joke!! The “Rats” were using EPO and Steroids too!! They only turned into admired “Rats” because of their lack of athletic performance, because of their lack of athletic performance, because they didn’t win, because they weren’t worth millions, because they were 2nd and no one remembers second…because they’re friggin rats!! Lets not forget the 100s of millions of dollars Lance Armstrong generated for Cancer Research and ultimately cancer elimination foundations. This one achievement in Lances life is certainly worth him using all the EPO and steroids his little heart desired. Lance Armstrong’s cancer foundation is good, in fact it’s magnificent! So in the full spectrum of things, in the big picture, who friggin cares if he did the same thing dozens of other professional riders were doing? Now Lance gets to look forward to paying back millions in sponsorship money, ironically to sponsor’s that have already reaped the benefits of his championships. Hell, that’s a wonderful deal to me! Lance wins 7 Tour’s, sponsor’s collect millions in profits, and then get their initial investments back because the idiot admits to something everyone knew in the first place. And who really cared? Oprah doesn’t care…she just wanted ratings to yet again make more money from Lance Armstrong! Lance…you’re a freakin idiot!! People, I got news for you…EPO, steroids and growth hormone are prevalent in professional sports arenas, not just cycling. Lance wasn’t doing anything that 100’s of athletes partake in every single day, in almost every sport. Sponsors know corporations know, owner know, managers and obviously the athlete’s know. It’s all good as long as no one get’s caught…it’s all good as long as moneys accumulated but everyone wants to act shocked when a great one falls! Lance isn’t the bad guy here, he wasn’t cheating, and he’s just an absolute idiot for his admission. Shame on the snitches and rats who told like the pieces of shit they are. There’s a saying that comes to mind…it’s better to be suspected a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt!

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Craig Titus

Craig Michael Titus was born in Wyandotte, Michigan on Jan 14, 1967. The eldest of Michael and Sandra Titus’ three children. In high school, Craig wrestled for his school team at 132lbs. After graduation, decided to put on some muscle via weight training. When Craig graduated from high school he was 5’6″ and 140lbs. By the age of 21, he was 5’9″ and 185lbs. Once he started weight training and seeing results, he was hooked. Craig’s first bodybuilding show was the 1988 Houston Bodybuilding Championships in which he won the Men’s Open middleweight class and the overall title.

Competitive Record

2002 Mr. Olympia – 11th
2002 Night of Champions XIV – 5th
2002 Southwest Pro – 7th
2001 British Grand Prix – 9th
2001 Mr. Olympia – 12th
2001 Arnold Classic – 6th
2000 Toronto Pro – 1st
2000 Arnold Classic – 10th
2000 Night of Champions – 11th
2000 Ironman Pro Invitational – 8th
1996 NPC USA Championships — 1st Heavyweight and Overall
1995 NPC USA Championships — 2nd Heavyweight
1994 NPC National Championships — 2nd Heavyweight
1994 NPC USA Championships — 2nd Heavyweight
1993 NPC USA Championships — 4th Heavyweight
1991 NPC Ironman/Ironmaiden — Overall
1990 NPC Tournament of Champions — 3rd Heavyweight
1990 NPC Western Cup — Overall
1989 NPC Houston Bodybuilding Championships — Overall

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