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by Mike Arnold

4-Andro rx, also known as 4-DHEA, is a PH to the grand-daddy of all steroids…Testosterone. With an abundance of information available on this essential hormone, I have decided to focus less on the physiological effects of Testosterone itself and instead, have chosen to illuminate the reader on the various potential applications of this legal testosterone elevating agent. In doing so, some may pose the question “why not just use injectable testosterone instead?” Not one to shy away from the tough questions, I will say right up front that when compared directly to testosterone, 4-Andro has its limitations. This is inevitable for a testosterone PH, as all prohormones are limited by their conversion rates to the target hormone. At this stage in the game, no one has yet been able to create a PH which is able to convert to Testosterone in quantities approaching what the typical BB’r might inject. So, for those individuals who have no objection to the use of CIII drugs, by all means, go ahead and use injectable Testosterone; it is the superior choice. However, there is a substantial portion of the population which is opposed to this practice and it is to them that this article is primarily addressed.

In order to accurately evaluate a 4-Andro on a personal level, we must first determine what the individual is trying to accomplish. In the case of this PH, there are multiple potential benefits connected to its administration which are unrelated to muscle growth. One of these is the reversal/prevention of Testosterone deficiency induced side effects. Unfortunately, all steroids (including OTC designers/PHs) lead to suppression of the HPTA, eventually resulting in diminished endogenous Testosterone production. As a consequence, the male body is no longer able to maintain normal physiological functioning and will begin to experience side effects, such as decreased libido, inability to achieve/maintain an erection, a loss of energy/tiredness, depression, impaired cognitive functioning, and a reduced alpha-made mentality, among others. Of course, the growth promoting effects of Testosterone are also lost.

The cure for this predicament is simple. Conventional AAS users can simply inject exogenous testosterone at replacement doses or higher. However, BB’rs who have decided to stick with OTC products as their muscle-building weapons of choice do not have this option. They can either deal with the side effects, or find an alternative. One such option able to effectively meet this need, while also providing additional growth stimulation, is 4-Andro rx. 4-Andro’s lack of methylation makes it an ideal compound for this purpose. Being non-toxic in nature, it is easily stacked with any of the other designers/PHs on the market, providing additional growth and elimination of the above mentioned side effects. This approach is particularly useful for those individuals who like to run cycles longer than 4 weeks, as side effect such as sexual dysfunction are likely to occur beyond that point.

While 4-Andro may do a great job at preventing side effects related to Testosterone deficiency, we should not forget the primary purpose for which this product was produced, namely, to increase lean mass & strength. To this end, at least a little time should be spent addressing the actions of the Testosterone molecule itself, as they pertain to the growth process. Testosterone is properly regarded as being one of the most effective and comprehensive AAS available and for good reason, as it supports muscle hypertrophy through multiple mechanisms. Some of these mechanisms include: Androgen receptor binding, increased androgen receptor concentration, IGF-1 elevation, satellite cell proliferation, and other possible non-genomic mechanisms. Indirectly, Testosterone’s ability to improve growth rate through increased aggression/enhanced alpha-male mind-set is well-noted, with many user claiming to experience improved training sessions when under the influence of elevated testosterone levels. Another well-documented characteristic of androgen administration is its direct effect on nervous system activity; specifically, it improves neural firing, allowing the muscles to contract more forcefully under resistance. This priming of the mind and body enables one to apply greater effort in the gym more easily, further improving one’s overall results.

While we cannot put our finger on an exact conversion rate for 4-Andro rx, user lab-work has revealed Testosterone readings extending well into the supra-physiological range (1,300 ng/dl) 1 week after beginning treatment with the product. This is impressive, given the fact that the molecule must first undergo a 2-step conversion process before being converted into Testosterone. Even with exact ng/dl figures being provided post-administration, it is impossible to extrapolate the increase in testosterone, in terms of mg’s, without a definite baseline. Even so, there are other variables which could impact the final analysis, such as differences in Testosterone metabolism and individual susceptibility to the suppressive effects of 4-Andro. Such discrepancies, even when working with an identical baseline, make it impossible to ascribe an exact mg amount to a particular ng/dl reading.


One advantage of 4-Andro worth mentioning is the product’s ability to increase Testosterone levels without needing to be injected. With all pharmaceutical/blackmarket testosterone products, they must be injected (aside from expensive and marginally effective transdermal preparations) in order to have an effect on the body. Oral consumption is not an option. For those individuals with an aversion to needles, they may find this alternative more appealing. As with all IML products, product testing is mandatory. Each and every batch of raw materials purchased is independently tested through a 3rd party laboratory, confirming product purity & potency. Unlike the numerous companies who offer no such assurance, with IML products, you can be guaranteed that every bottle contains exactly what it says it does.

In conclusion, I find that 4-Andro rx is ideally suited to the following applications. Beginners may find this relatively mild PH an ideal product with which to get their feet wet, although individuals with more experience will likely find it unsuitable for use as a stand-alone product. For those who are using some of IML’s stronger designers or running extended cycles with a combination or methyls & non-methyls, 4-Andro can be used as a stacker, enabling to individual to maintain adequate testosterone levels throughout his cycle and thereby avoiding the sexual dysfunction which often accompanies such cycles.

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