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Performance Enhancing Drugs & the Middle-aged Man

by Mike Arnold

It wasn’t long ago when the word “middle-age” was associated with physical inadequacy. For millennia middle-age was the accepted time when a man would move beyond his prime and leave the strength and vigor of his youth behind; a time when those prized qualities which help to define a man begin to fade. The musculature becomes weaker, softer, and smaller. The skin begins to dull, wrinkle, and loses its elasticity.

The hair begins to turn thin, turn color, become brittle and grow coarse. Libido declines and erectile dysfunction begins to rear its ugly head. Bodyfat stores increase. Done density decreases. Mood and cognitive functioning is impaired. Collagen production wanes, the joints and connective tissues begin to ache, and the capacity for physical exertion is diminished…and if all of this weren’t bad enough, this is only a partial list.

Fortunately, men no longer have to play the hand they were dealt. We now live in a day and age where physical-mental deterioration and middle-age are no longer synonymous. Through the advent modern medicine, we have the ability to counteract and prevent many of these age related side effects. When it comes to the physique, men in their 50’s can attain a muscular build and bodyfat% which would make the average 25 year old envious. The advantages offered to modern men are truly spectacular and would not have been possible in generations past.

In its most basic form, improvement of the physique and health through hormonal manipulation can be referred to as “TRT” (testosterone replacement therapy) or “HRT” (hormone replacement therapy). Both terms have the same basic meaning and are frequently used interchangeably when referring to the restoration of key male hormones to that of a more youthful level. For years, the social stigma attached to drugs like testosterone largely hindered the advancement of this sorely needed medical practice. However, many of the initial fears held by the medical community have been assuaged in light of the numerous studies demonstrating testosterone’s safety when used at appropriate dosages, as well as its health benefits. This has led to HRT becoming a more accepted field of practice, with a greater number of doctors seeing a real need for aging men to maintain optimal levels of testosterone into old age. Some of the benefits associated with optimal levels of testosterone include:

• Increase in muscle strength
• Increase in muscle size
• Improvement in body fat loss
• Improvement in cholesterol & lipid profile
• Improvement in exercise recovery
• Improvement sexual function & libido
• Improvement in mood & cognitive functioning
• Improvement in energy levels
• Improvement in one’s outlook on life

Testosterone is “the” male hormone. It is what makes us men from a physical standpoint. Sub-optimal levels will result in reduced virility and masculinity in all its forms, as well as impaired health and diminished mental faculties. Maintaining optimal levels of this hormone is critical for those who wish to move throughout life feeling and functioning at the top of their game. While testosterone is an important piece of the puzzle, it is only one piece of the puzzle. Typically, traditional hormone replacement therapy focuses solely on the normalization of testosterone levels, with little regard given to the supplementation of other key hormones naturally produced by the human body, and it completely neglects the utilization of newer compounds which have proven beneficial to aging men. While traditional HRT is certainly helpful, there are several other compounds we can employ in order to accelerate fat loss, muscle growth, and impair the aging process, while improving one’s overall health.

When constructing a personalized program for middle aged men, the two foundation drugs upon which the rest of one’s program should be built are testosterone and growth hormone. Thus far testosterone has been mentioned multiple times and most men are at least somewhat familiar with the hormone, but GH is less well understood. The reason for this is several-fold, but without doubt, GH is one of the single most beneficial compounds one can employ in their program, especially once we start getting older. GH serves to rejuvenate and revitalize, restoring the body to a more youthful state of functioning and appearance. The range of improvement witnessed with GH is extensive, impacting literally dozens of areas which are connected to physical fitness and the aging process. In recent years, GH supplementation has caught on like wildfire, being used by athletes, actors, your every day gym lifter, middle-aged men, and even stay at home moms. Here is a partial list of the benefits of GH supplementation:

• Increase in muscle strength
• Increase in muscle size
• Improvement in body fat loss
• Improvement in cholesterol & cardiac function
• Improvement in exercise tolerance
• Improvement in exercise endurance
• Improvement in hair thickness, texture, and possible hair re-growth
• Improvements in skin thickness, texture, elasticity, and the elimination of wrinkles
• Improvement in injury healing
• Improvement sexual function & libido
• Improvement in mood & memory
• Improvement in sleep quality
• Improvement in energy levels
•Improvement in one’s outlook on life

Needless to say, GH administration results in significant benefits and while it may appear that GH delivers benefits similar to testosterone, each hormone works through different mechanisms to accomplish these goals, providing a synergistic effect and greater overall results. They are two very different hormones and one cannot replace the other. Both are absolutely essential when it comes to maintaining optimal health and wellbeing. At this point I should note that GH differs from many other drugs in that the results it provides are not immediately apparent. GH must be used for 1-3 months before its benefits begin to become noticeable, with maximum results taking take place at around the 6 month point. The user will continue to receive these benefits with continued use.

In addition to Testosterone & GH, let’s touch on some of the other compounds which might profit an individual seeking to overcome some of the nagging issues associated with aging, but before we do, I am assuming that if you are a middle-aged man reading this article, it is likely that you engage in weight training. If you do not, start now! The benefits of weight training are too numerous to miss out on this critical activity, not to mention the compounds listed in this article go hand in hand with physical exercise, enabling the individual to experience benefits which would have not been possible otherwise. Oftentimes injury or nagging aches & pains prevent men from participating in weight training beyond a certain age, but with the use of these compounds, many men find themselves able to participate in productive weight training for the first time in years. As if that weren’t good enough, the results you will experience from your efforts will come at a greatly accelerated rate.

Of all the different performance enhancing drugs made available by the medical community, aside from testosterone & GH, nandrolone may offer the most benefit for the aging male. Nandrolone is a testosterone derivative which has been around for many decades, first being synthesized in the 30’s. Over the years, it has developed a reputation for safety and effectiveness when it comes to the accumulation of muscle & strength, but one of the primary benefits associated with nandrolone usage is its positive effect on the joints. Nandrolone exhibits a type of lubricating or cushioning effect on the joints, affording many users the opportunity to train with greatly reduced pain and in some cases, no pain at all. Nandrolone is often added into an individual’s program for this reason alone. When using nandrolone solely for joint pain, the doses should remain low, in the range of 150-200 mg per week. Higher doses are best reserved for BB’rs or those primarily interested in the acquisition of maximum amounts of muscle mass. A reduction in joint pain and an increase in mobility should start to become apparent around the 5-6 week mark.
Note: It should be mentioned that Nandrolone does have the ability to negatively affect sexual function & libido in some men, although one can significantly reduce the possibility of this occurring by keeping one’s dosage on the lower side and using a shorter-estered form of nandrolone, known as NPP (nandrolone phenyl propionate). It is common to experience this side effect when using 400+ mg of longer-estered forms of nandrolone, but when administering nandrolone at dosages appropriate for joint pain relief and using a shorter-estered form, a decrease in sexual function and/or libido is much less likely. It should also be noted that if one does experience this side effect, the simple elimination of nandrolone from one’s program will lead to the cessation of this side effect after just a few weeks.

While there are several other drugs which show promise for use in middle-aged men, we are not going to get into all of them, or this article will quickly turn into a short book. However, I will cover one more category of performance enhancing drugs before concluding. These are the PED5 inhibitors, more commonly known as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. No longer are these drugs viewed simply as a band-aid for men who can’t achieve an erection, they are now used by men of all ages to enhance sexual performance above and beyond what can normally be achieved. In other words, one does not have to be impotent in order to benefit from these drugs. Many men, after noticing just a small loss of function, have turned to the use of PED5 inhibitors. So, if you are no longer performing optimally or would simply like to enhance your current game, you might want to give some consideration to the use of a PED5 inhibitor. If you thought having sex multiple times in a single session and being able to achieve a long-lasting erection with ease was for teenagers, think again. These drugs have worked miracles for many men all over the world and if you are even the least bit dissatisfied with your current love life, give PED5 inhibitors a try. They have been proven safe & effective time and time again by numerous medical studies. However, for those men with serious cardiovascular problems, PED5 inhibitors may not be the right choice for you. Contact your doctor prior to use.

Through the intelligent application of today’s performance enhancing drugs, we no longer have to succumb to the natural stages of life. So long as that man is willing to do his part by putting the required effort into his training & nutrition, he will be able to stave off and even reverse the aging process on both the inside and the outside. In terms of dosing, a man using testosterone, GH and nandrolone for these purtposes does not rrequire the supraphysiological doses

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