AAS use: Diving right in or taking it slow? Part 2

by Mike Arnold

In Part 2 of this article will begin to look at how we might employ the sprinting method and go over some of its guiding principles. With that said, let’s get right into it. It is no secret that most novices or beginning BB’rs are simply trying to cut corners or looking for an easy way to get big. If this is your intention, then you should stop reading this article right now and commence with the traditional approach to cycling, as the method described below demands an above average education when it comes to training, nutrition, and AAS knowledge.

Most individuals, when first introduced to AAS, still have a long way to go before being considered proficient on the nutrition & training front, but there are those BB’rs who have trained natural for several years before venturing into steroid-land and therefore, have amassed considerable knowledge in these areas. It is these individuals for whom this approach is potentially appropriate. All others can and should consider themselves un-qualified. Sorry.

One of the key advantages of being a steroid virgin (or one with limited cycling experience) is that the body responds amazingly well to the effects of anabolic hormones the first time they are administered. This type of 1st cycle super-responder status can be taken advantage of, in order to yield a higher return on muscle growth than what would normally be achieved under the circumstances. Capitalizing on this natural phenomenon is a no-brainer for those wishing to gain as much muscle as possible, as quickly as possible. As any steroid user will tell you, the body gradually adapts to the muscle-building effects of AAS. The longer steroids are used, the more resistant the body becomes to growth. There are numerous factors responsible for a deceleration of muscle hypertrophy as we become more advanced in our development, some of which are well within our control, but there is no denying that AAS begin to lose their “punch” over time. This is one of the reasons why so many BB’rs running large doses of steroids (along with a slew of other muscle-building drugs) struggle to make continued progress after a few years of PED use. With serious side effects more likely to present themselves the longer steroids are used, it makes no sense for the health conscious BB’r to squander his initial growth potential by using weak compounds or ineffective cycles. Why take 3-4 years to accomplish what can be done in 5 months? By hitting the gas hard & fast right up front, the BB’r will be able to pile on the muscle at an extraordinary rate. In turn, this will allow the individual to “back-off” during later cycles, rather than going harder at a point when there is minimal return for their investment and serious side effects are more likely to present themselves. Most BB’rs, if they take full advantage of this initial growth period and do everything correctly on the training and nutrition front, should be able to build most, if not all the muscle they will ever want within 1 year of beginning to use bodybuilding drugs.

For those individuals who meet the criteria for participation in this type of program, gains of 50+ lbs in the first 3-5 months are possible. That is more muscle than many steroid users gain during the first few “years” of following the traditional approach…and for some, it is all they will ever want or need! For most, a moderate dose of testosterone is all that will be required to maintain this amount of newly added muscle mass. For the lucky few, whose natural hormonal production is sufficient to support this amount of newly gained muscle mass, they will be able to maintain the majority of their gains through dietary and training manipulation alone. In terms of health, a 1st cycle such as this will result in minimal negative health consequences over the long-term, as total exposure time to altered health markers will be minimal. The body suffers little damage when these health markers are mildly-moderately elevated over short periods of time, so one need not worry (disclaimer: No one can make the claim that health problems will never occur. In addition, this statement assumes the individual is in good health prior to beginning AAS and that no pre-existing conditions are present).

In order to utilize this “sprinting method” effectively, certain steps/pre-requisites will need to be taken/met beforehand. We have already begun to touch on some of these, but I will list them all here for ease of explanation.

1.) The commitment: Have a clear understanding of your goals and be willing to see them through.
2.) The adaptation factor: Taking advantage of 1st cycle super-responder status.
3.) Adequate knowledge base: The individual should demonstrate proficiency in the areas of training, nutrition, PED application, and preventative care.
4.) Priming the body for growth: The implementation of certain steps designed to further enhance the growth process.
5.) Obtain reliable counsel: Leaning on one more experienced, who is able to guide you through this process more efficiently.

If you find that you meet all the qualifications for entry into this program, whether or not you decide to use this approach is your decision alone. If you do decide to pursue this method of cycling, a little preparation goes a long way when it comes to enhancing your gains. Preparing the body for your cycle is a process most commonly referred to as “priming” the body for growth. These preparatory steps will help you to make the most of your cycle.

Bodybuilding is about more than just sheer size; it is about building aesthetically pleasing size devoid of excess bodyfat. Nothing ruins a BBr’s physique more than slabs of unsightly fat hanging off his waist. Excess bodyfat kills shape, separation, vascularity, and prevents the individual from seeing what his physique actually looks like under all the blubber, making an accurate assessment of his physique virtually impossible. It also prevents the BB’r from seeing the full extent of his gains. For this reason, I recommend starting your cycle when you are already lean. If you are already there…good for you. If not, you will need to diet before commencing with your 1st cycle.

In addition to beginning your cycle with a more cosmetically pleasing appearance, the dieting process itself will cause the body to enter a state where it is more prone to growth once the diet ends. This is known as a rebound phase, which is experienced by competitive BB’rs immediately after a show, in which they are able to make gains at a more rapid pace. Many BB’rs claim it is during this period that they make their best gains of the year. Regardless of whether the individual has just completed or not…the principle is the same. This rebound phase will allow for faster gains, amplifying the overall growth potential of the cycle. Another reason for the importance of beginning your cycle with low bodyfat is that a mass-building cycle requires that the BB’r consume large amounts of food, in order to fully capitalize on his gains. If the BB’rs is already lean, but happens to add a bit of bodyfat during his cycle, it is relatively inconsequential, but if the BB’r is already fat, he will end up even fatter. This is not a good place to be. No BB’r should want to be in this position…and for the BB’r with competitive aspirations, it will only make contest prep that much more difficult.

While starting your cycle lean is perhaps the most important part of priming, it is also beneficial to begin with a fully functioning digestive system. Many BB’r suffer from uneliminated digestive matter, which is the result in consuming too little fiber, too much meat, and too many refined or processed food products. This causes food matter to stick to the lining of the digestive tract. This has the effect of weakening the immune system, preventing maximal absorption of nutrients, and causes visually unappealing stomach distension. For this reason, it would serve most BB’rs well to get a colonic prior to starting their cycle…or at the minimum, perform a colon cleansing with OTC herbal stimulants.

Another aspect of priming involves making sure that both the muscular and nervous systems are fully recovered before beginning your cycle. Kicking things off with a stressed or over-trained muscular and/or nervous system will impair gains, so taking a couple weeks off from training before beginning the cycle is generally a good idea, especially if the BB’r has been training hard for many months previously. By following the few priming suggestions outlined above, you will end up not only making better gains, but you will feel & function better, as well.

For many of you, what you probably want to see the most is a cycle example for this type of program, but I am reluctant to type one out, for fear that an uneducated BB’r will follow such recommendations to his own detriment. I refuse to assume the blame for any harm which might come to such an irresponsible BB’r…and we all know plenty of them are out there, many of which possess the patience of a newborn baby. Those who attempt to employ such a cycle improperly are courting disaster, while those who are thoroughly educated and prepared typically have little worry about. This is especially true when using drugs such as insulin, which can add a real boost to any cycle, but when used by the ignorant, it can potentially have devastating consequences. For this reason, I will refrain from listing a specific cycle, but I will list some of the basic compounds, which typically elicit the most dramatic gains over the shortest period of time. Used responsibly, there is no more danger is employing these compounds during a 1st cycle than there is during a 10th cycle. Education and preparedness is key, not how many cycle someone had done.

Using the following compounds in tandem with a properly structured diet, training, rest, and supplement program, I had one recent individual add 56 lbs in 16 weeks with very little increase in bodyfat. Needless to say, his transformation was extreme. This was his 1st cycle and over a single 16 week period, he made more gains than many steroid users make over a few years of using bodybuilding drugs. He used the following, while being closely monitored and advised the entire cycle:


Of course, not all of these compounds were used the entire way, but cycled responsibly. We also used several useful OTC supplements that contributed to his overall gains. I cannot stress enough the importance of making sure all aspects of your program are dialed in and regularly monitored while engaging in this type of cycle. As soon as this client’s muscle gains began to slow, immediate changes were made to facilitate further progress. Nothing was left to chance.

At the conclusion of this cycle, we utilized nearly every available, effective compound we could, in order to simultaneously help restore functioning of the HPTA, while also attempting to maintain as much lean mass as possible. Some of these compounds included: Ostarine (lower dose, so as not to interfere significantly with recovery), Myo-HMP, IGF-1 LR3, GHRP-2, ModGRF-129, Clomid, Nolvadex, Aromasin, and various OTC supplements. 12 week after his cycle ended, his bodyweight was still up 49 lbs. He looked to have maintained almost all his new muscle, with the resultant weight loss appearing to come mainly from excess water. His strength was maintained almost completely.

This individual was “very” happy with the results he experienced. Post-cycle blood work indicated that he had experienced a full recovery of the HPTA, with all relevant health markers having moved back into a normal range. He has strongly verbalized his desire to do another cycle in this fashion, but is content for now to enjoy his new-found muscle. In his opinion, he feels he is only one more cycle away from building all the muscle he will ever want. In slightly less than 4 months he accomplished these goals as a 1st time steroid user…and within 1 year, which will include several months of off-time, he will likely get further along in his bodybuilding journey than most BB’rs will over several years of drug use.

Now, you tell me, between the following two people, who is jeopardizing their health more…and who is getting the most bang for their buck? Is it the guy I just spoke about who might do 2 cycles in less than a year, while taking all appropriate safety measures and concluding his drug use with health markers in the normal range? Or…is it the guy who follows the traditional approach for several years, while continuing to increase his dosages, repeatedly pushing his vital health markers outside of the normal range for extended periods of time, and quite possibly building less overall muscle? Who would you rather be?
Again, in this article I am not suggesting that anyone employ the type of program I spoke of. While I have seen its success come to fruition in the real-world on more than one occasion, my goal is not to attract conformity, bur rather, to get the reader to see things from a different perspective…to challenge the status quo by taking a paradigm shift, in the hope that we may further question the way we do things, as blind acceptance of any one method is sure to lead us down a path which is less than desirable.