Watermelons explode in China

Watermelons explode in China as farmers apply too many growth chemicals to their crops
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Beyond melamine in the powdered milk and plastic in the rice, Chinese farmers have managed to achieve a little more food history with a new chemical monstrosity: Exploding watermelons.

This was accomplished by applying a chemical growth promoter to the melons. A day later, one farmer saw 180 watermelons explode. Other farmers lost up to two-thirds of their watermelon crops as the melons exploded in the field. The growth chemical used on watermelons is also used on grapes and other crops, even in the United States, by the way. It’s called forchlorfenuron, and research shows that it is implicated in human cancers and neurological disorders. It’s routinely used on melons and other crops grown in China.

Any chemical for an extra dollar of profit

China is best known around the world for using any chemical whatsoever — no matter how toxic — to make an extra buck. In China, clever hucksters will use black dye to paint regular sesame seeds so they look like black sesame seeds which bring a premium price. When harvesting rare fish that fetch a high price per pound, Chinese fishermen have been known to inject the fish with mercury to increase their weight.

The Communist Chinese culture, which utterly lacks any ethics, religion, spirituality or any principles of respecting life, is the source of all this food insanity. The culture is very similar to modern-day conventional scientists in America who also believe there is no such thing as consciousness, free will, spirit or soul.

Without any belief in religion, karma or a spiritual existence after death, Chinese farmers have no philosophical foundation from which to respect life. This is why China is poisoning itself in a sea of toxic chemicals. This is why Chinese powdered milk producers will poison their own neighbors by putting melamine in the mix. This is also why China will soon give rise to a generation of mutants suffering from widespread infertility and physical deformities.

Mainland Chinese rivers are so toxic that no one dare bathe in them anymore. You’d probably die from convulsions. The land is heavily sprayed with obscene quantities of toxic pesticides, fungicides and growth accelerators. While there are certified organic suppliers in China who are legitimately cultivating healthful foods, the bulk of the food and supplements coming out of China are so extremely toxic that eating them is risking death.

That watermelons are exploding in the fields there is no surprise. The real surprise is that Chinese couples are still able to have babies at all. Give it another generation and that may no longer be the case.

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