Type-2 diabetes cured with 600 calorie/day diet (*study)

Type-2 diabetes cured with 600 calorie/day diet (*study)
by Anthony Roberts

Type-2 diabetes was known colloquially as adult onset diabetes for many years, as it was typically a physiological response to the over production of insulin. This insulin was produced by the beta cells as a response to an abundance of glucose (sugar) in the body, and is needed to move the glucose into cells for storage and ultimately energy. In type-2 diabetics, the body’s cells does not respond correctly to insulin, i.e. there’s a high level of insulin resistance. What this means is that blood sugar doesn’t get where it needs to go, and instead it builds up in the blood causing hyperglycemia, while the pancreas can not keep up with the demand for insulin and the liver can’t keep up with the metabolism of it.

Generally we see type-2 diabetes in fat people, and the majority of diagnoses are made on people with a body mass index in the obese range. This is no surprise as it typically results from a lifetime of eating foods that overtax the body’s ability to produce insulin (i.e. a diet high in sugar and bad fats). But we don’t call it adult onset diabetes anymore…because kids are now getting it at an early age, once again, as a result of extremely poor eating habits; the types of which have catapulted the United States to an average level of obesity that can only be described as staggering.

A recent study has shown that subjects with an average BMI of 33.6 (obese) with type-2 diabetes can reverse most, if not all of the symptoms, including normalizing beta cell production of insulin and hepatic (liver) metabolism of the hormone. They did it with a high-protein shake and some fibrous veggies…but there’s a catch: they only ate 600 calories per day. After a week their fasting glucose had normalized and after eight weeks their insulin sensitivity and production was similar to people without the disease.

In other words, these people who had made themselves diabetic through a lifetime of eating poorly were able to reverse it by putting the f*cking fork down, having some veggies, and getting a little protein.

Got type-2 diabetes? Put the f*cking fork down you f*cking slob. =)


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