ThermoLife Gets Dicana Patent

ThermoLife Gets Dicana Patent
by Scott Welch

ThermoLife International, Inc. has been awarded the Dicana Patent and it’s a big win for Nutrition Club who are their official Canadian distributor and Ron Kramer, owner of Thermolife! It’s a big win for our magazine MUSCLE INSIDER since ThemoLife advertise with us in a big way! Ron Kramer, explained the potential for this patented technology,

“ThermoLife’s patented technology provides a new avenue for potentially increasing weight loss while gaining muscle—something supplement companies have been seeking for decades.”

The Dicana patent, along with our recently awarded Amino-acid Nitrate Patents, clearly establishes ThermoLife International as an industry leader for ingredient research. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 7,919,533 for ThermoLife’s novel use of its Dicana compound. The patented method works to increase an individual’s Basel Metabolic Rate (BMR) by accelerating the addition of lean body mass. As an industry leader, ThermoLife has a long history of developing innovative and proven products. With the addition of the Dicana patent, ThermoLife has been awarded patents on 13 individual compounds. These patents protect ThermoLife’s innovative and proven products and allow consumers and companies that work with ThermoLife to know that they are buying one-of-a-kind products that they cannot get elsewhere.

Discussing ThermoLife’s role in the industry, Ron Kramer stated, “The granting of the Dicana patent by the US Patent Office, along with our recently awarded Amino-acid Nitrate Patents, clearly establishes ThermoLife International as an industry leader for dietary ingredient research as well as the ‘go to’ company for innovative ingredients in sports nutrition. Most supplement companies rely on ingredient suppliers offer them new ingredients for their products; but, at ThermoLife International, we invent our own ingredients!”

As most inventors know, obtaining a patent is not easy. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office meticulously analyzes patent applications to ensure that the technology is both innovative and novel. ThermoLife first submitted the Dicana Patent Application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on October 20, 2004. While the patent was pending with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the assigned patent examiner left the office. This made an already drawn out process even longer. Although defamatory internet blog posts falsely reported that ThermoLife’s patent would not issue, ThermoLife never doubted that the patent would be awarded. Per ThermoLife’s President,

“Being issued this patent will dispel any rumors to the contrary, and allow us to continue building confidence with our licensing partners. This patent validates ThermoLife’s market leadership in new dietary ingredient research.”

ThermoLife is committed to selling only the purest, most powerful and innovative products, like the products sold under the newly issued Dicana patent: ATRO-PHEX (BSN) and, Dicana (ThermoLife).

About ThermoLife International, Inc.

Founded in 1998, ThermoLife is dedicated developing real products work. ThermoLife is a leading manufacturer in the sports nutrition and supplement industry. ThermoLife’s ingredients have been clinically researched and field-tested. ThermoLife independently tests its raw materials for purity under the strictest testing standards. For more information about ThermoLife and its patents, please visit ThermoLife’s website at