Thermolife files $24 million dollar lawsuit against Gaspari Nutrition

Thermolife files $24 million dollar lawsuit against Gaspari Nutrition
by Anthony Roberts

Thermolife and owner (multiple-time convicted felon) Ron Kramer have filed a $24+ Million dollar lawsuit versus Gaspari Nutrition and co. I’ve had a copy of this lawsuit in my hands for a couple of weeks now, and had wanted to wait for Gaspari to file their inevitable response (and perhaps a crippling countersuit), but instead I’ve decided to publish the full text of the Thermolife lawsuit while we’re waiting for the reply from Gaspari’s lawyers. For some unfathomable reason, Kramer decided to personally serve Rich Gaspari -who had previously filed a police report against Kramer for threatening/harassing him.

Next, on Facebook, Patrick Arnold (who runs an “Ask the Experts” forum on the Thermolife message board) posted a video of Ron attempting to serve Rich with the lawsuit. Not long afterwards Ron Kramer decided to log in and commented on Melvin Goodrum‘s opinion, threatening “see what happens to you” if he were to express the same opinion in person. Kramer followed this up by threatening to “Find” Shawn Phillips (yes, Bill’s brother) who agreed with Melvin and had previously called Kramer childish:

Anyway, those who remember the Progenex lawsuit filed against Zinc Solutions, will remember that we saw the original case dismissed, while the countersuit resulted in a six-figure judgment against the company who initiated the first suit. This kind of thing isn’t uncommon.

I’m not a lawyer, and I haven’t consulted one on the merits of this particular case, but in my estimation this is a huge mistake on the part of Thermolife – not only because I doubt that their claims are valid, but also because they’re much smaller company with far fewer resources to devote to this type of legal battle. But since I’ve posted the full lawsuit above, feel free to read it for yourself. Then again, when I was reading the VPX lawsuit filed against Gaspari (last year), I thought they Gaspari had been close to having it thrown out until a judge signed an order denying the motion to dismiss (on June 6th of this year).

Still, this latest suit versus Gaspari looks completely meritless.

Again, I’m just about 99% certain that the Gaspari camp isn’t going to simply answer the complaint, but will likely step up with their own countersuit…and I predict based on what I’ve read in the Thermolife allegations, that it’s not going to end well for Kramer and co.

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