Spinach Linked to Anti-Aging Process and Skin Rejuvenation

Spinach linked to anti-aging process and skin rejuvenation

Modern research proves the anti aging properties of spinach, particularly in relation to age related mental decline, age related eye and vision conditions and age related skeletal (bone) degeneration.

A 1998 study by Tufts University showed, for example, that in studies on rats, high antioxidant foods such as spinach in one sample and strawberries in another protected against and possibly even partially reversed movement and cognitive declines due to aging. (Journal of Neuroscience, Oct 1998)

“Our results show that these foods, particularly spinach, may be beneficial in retarding age-related central nervous system and cognitive behavioural deficits and perhaps may have some benefit in neurodegenerative disease,” says J. Joseph PhD from Tufts University.

It is believed that the brain is vulnerable to free radical damage, which is believed to be a major contributing factor to age related decline in motor performance and memory.

Two similar studies in 2002 by the University of South Florida Center for Aging reiterated those results. Spinach and spirulina, both high in antioxidants, produced very beneficial results, whereas low antioxidant fruits such as cucumber did not. The antioxidant factor enhancing mental function was thus confirmed, whereas lifelong accumulation of free radicals can slow mental processes in old age and may be a factor in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. (Journal of Neuroscience, July 2002)

There is a lot to be said about the correlation between a healthy diet and the look of your skin. There are many people who look a lot younger than they really are just because they are eating healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle. Yes, sometimes a lot of it has to do with good genes, but really, there are many foods out there that will help to slow down the aging process if they are consumed regularly.

Your diet has a lot to do with the vitality and glow of your skin, it can also help you look younger and have less wrinkles appear on your skin with age. It is a fact that the food you eat makes a big difference in how your body will respond as you age and get older. Not only your skin, but your general health can also be influenced greatly by the way you eat and the foods that you chose to consume. What you eat can shape every aspect of the aging process, and it will not only preserve your looks, but also your strength and your stamina as well. One food that is great for anti-aging is spinach.

So how does spinach keep you and your skin young? For one thing, spinach contains a lot of vitamin K, which will help you have string bones and youthful skin. One cup of fresh spinach will supply you one and a half times your daily requirement of vitamin K. Spinach can also do wonders for your vision as well. Sunlight and exposure to constantly not only damages your skin, but it can also damages your eyesight. It damages the center of your retina, which can lead to macular degeneration and even blindness in the most serious of cases. Spinach is the best possible food source of zeaxanthin and lutein, which are nutrients that make up that part of the retina. These nutrients soak up the harmful sunlight and stop it from causing damage to your eyesight.

As far as healthy and youthful skin is concerned, eating spinach will help to prevent pollutants from getting into the bloodstream, which will keep your skin healthy and help to improve the texture of your skin as well. It will also help to combat skin problems that many people deal with, such as acne, blemishes and many other problems that are associated with the skin. Not only that, but spinach will also deliver a triple does of wrinkle-fighting antioxidants in the form of the powerful punch that comes with vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene. All three of these elements work together in order to protect he skin from the sun and its harmful UV rays, which leaves your skin vibrant and healthy even as you age.

Spinach is also used to relieve anaemic problems and there is a very high iron content in spinach will is effective for raising the levels of haemoglobin and building needed red blood cells. It is also great for the immune system and will help you fight off unwanted infections of every kind.