by Scott Welch

You may have never heard of it before or laughed at the idea when you saw your aunt Shirley sprinkle it on her grasshopper salad but SENSA® sells millions of dollars worth of product. Housewives and all kinds of people have been buying into this system as it’s purported to allow you to eat whatever you want and still lose weight! The premise to just sprinkle SENSA on your food (like you would with salt and pepper or any other spice), chew your food really slowly and while chewing, your brain will get the signal from your food (and the SENSA of course) that you’ve eaten enough and you’ll feel full before you overeat! Now numerous studies have proven that many women have a stronger sense of smell and taste than men so the company has now launched a SENSA FOR MEN. They’re telling men now to simply shake SENSA® FOR MEN evenly over the surface of your food, using the labeled “salty” or “sweet” sides of your shaker and you’re on the path to losing weight!

“Scents have a profound impact on weight loss. Since men and women smell differently, it was only natural to develop a SENSA® Weight-Loss product specifically-formulated for men,” said Dr. Alan Hirsch, renowned neurologist and director of the Smell and Taste Research Center. “We’re excited to launch SENSA® FOR MEN and bring this product to men who want to lose weight in a simple and effective way.”

Clinically Proven?

Now before you completely laugh at this system, check this out: In one of the largest clinical studies ever conducted with a non-prescription weight loss product, 1,436 participants lost an average of 30.5 pounds in six months without changing their existing diet or exercise program! SENSA® FOR MEN is available exclusively at GNC store nationwide and online.


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