Psychotropic Medication Causes Psychosis, Illness, and Death

Psychotropic Medication Causes Psychosis, Illness, and Death
by PF Louis

(NaturalNews) Psychiatry has gone from talk therapy to writing a prescription for drugs. This has increased the profits of Big Pharma, attracted patients looking for magic fixes, and has legitimized psychiatry as a medical science. But is it really medical science? There is more mental illness now than ever, much of it exacerbated or even caused by prescribed medications.

Psychiatry’s transition

The growing reluctance of insurance companies to cover extended talk therapy and their willingness to pay for pills was one motivation for psychiatry’s transition. Big Pharma’s desire to expand its own product using invented and unproven mental disorder classifications was another.

Some sources claim the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH), and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) colluded with Big Pharma to convince the world that all mental illness was borne of brain chemistry imbalances.

So pharmaceutical drugs became the “solution,” and Big Pharma added over $20 billion annual gross revenue from psychotropic sales.

This led to shorter visits among a growing number of mentally disturbed patients who would visit again only to get their prescriptions adjusted. This also led to more prescription drug dependency and abuse. All sorts of misdiagnosis leads to putting many adults, teenagers, and younger children on drugs with dangerous side effects.

It appears that psychiatric pill pushing peaked after an alarming expansion from 1987 till now. By then, all it took was a school official’s recommendation to put a restless kid on Ritalin, a stimulant similar to cocaine.

Psychiatric/Pharma complex creates more bad mental health

In 2005, Natural News posted an interview of veteran investigative reporter and author of Mad in America, Robert Whitaker. Here is one of his statements: “The story that people with mental disorders have known chemical imbalances, that’s a lie. We don’t know that at all. It’s just something that they say to help sell the drugs and help sell the biological model of mental disorders.”

Whitaker goes on with “There’s a built-in economic incentive to define mental illness in as broad terms as possible, and to find ordinary, distressing emotions or behaviors that some people may not like and label them as mental illness.”

Whitaker also quotes more than one high level neuroscientist who concludes that psychoactive or psychotropic drugs actually create brain chemistry imbalances.

In order to get psychotropic drugs into the market place of TV/radio advertising, medical journals and doctors offices, psychiatric drugs were given scant testing. And the results were usually twisted to give a false representation of efficacy and safety.

Drugs such as Prozac, Paxil, Ritalin, Haldol, Risperdal and many others have serious side effects. Any sense of relief is short term or placebo affected.

Heart attacks, diabetes, and sudden death are among the physical side effects. The mental side effects include insomnia, anxiety, suicidal thinking and outright violent behavior, among others.

The increased rate of suicide and murder among traumatized combat veterans is linked to using psychiatric drugs. Psychiatric drug histories among spree killers are common. Now drugging kids has become an epidemic. Most of them are just too sugared up or too active to fit into the boredom of regimented schooling.

The Pharma/Psychiatry complex claims it treats mental disorders by balancing brain chemistry. Yet they have no physical brain chemical tests for determining the chemicals out of balance for prescribing these drugs.

All that is required for prescribing a psychiatric drug is if the patient fits certain behavioral profiles created by a few psychiatrists or psychologists. This is another huge scam by Big Pharma.

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