Kevin English Retains 202 Olympia Title Despite Tough Battle

Kevin English Retains 202 Olympia Title Despite Tough Battle With Flex Lewis & Jose Raymond
By Joe Pietaro ~ for MuscleSport Mag

As he walked out of the Orleans Arena following a tough night at the office, Kevin English knew that he had been in a war. His usual adversary was not standing next to him on stage this time, but rather a two-pronged attack from both sides. Bobbing and weaving his way through the battlefield was not an easy task, but one that he met head-on and still come out the winner.

When asked if this was his most difficult win, English barely hesitated when he replied, “Definitely. I was just glad that I persevered.”

Without David Henry in the line-up due to military duty, English stared down James “Flex” Lewis and Jose Raymond and successfully defended the 202 Showdown title. The differences between this year and the previous ones were obvious and English acknowledged as much.

“Each year istotally different, but you can never measure the heart of a champion,” he said. “Most of the competitors in my division are all champions in their own right. They have already won pro shows. So I always give everyone the same respect. You can never look passed anyone.”

Lewis finished as the runner-up and bested Raymond (third) after losing to him at the New York Pro. Jaroslav Horvath took fourth place in his final competition before retirement, Shaun-Joseph Tavernier placed fifth and Jason Arntz dropped one spot from last year but still came in looking good enough for the top six.

Seven through 10 were as follows: Stan McQuay, “Tricky” Jackson, Allan Auguste and Marvin Ward.

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