Is there a *Best* training program?

Is there a *Best* training program?

Whether you have been lifting iron for years or justa beginner trying to tread water, I know for a factthat you have been bombarded with so many trainingprograms and systems that you’ll be lucky if you canavoid quitting altogether because of the confusion!

Should you do full body workouts? Split program?High reps? Low reps? Pyramids? “Pump” training?Go to failure? Low volume? High volume? Highfrequency? Low frequency? UGH!!!!

Does it not confuse the heck out of you? Sure,it might make you ‘popular’ in a chat room by knowingthe different ‘styles’ of training but is it reallynecessary to ‘research’ all of these methods beforeyou begin training?

Will ONE of these programs will *out do* all theothers?

Will you miss out on the ONE if you don’t get twentydifferent opinions before you start your quest formuscle mass?

Are you wandering if I researched all of these different”styles” of training before I gained 41 pounds insix months?

Too be honest, I’m going to let you in on a littlesecret that NO ONE else will tell you.

Would you believe me if I told you that almost EVERYSINGLE muscle building program that I have triedhas worked for me?!

Can you believe I just said that?

That’s right. I have made gains on practicallyEVERY SINGLE muscle building program I have evertried. The ones I have created for myself andthe ones others have created for me.

And guess what?

Almost every single program ‘style’ that you canchoose from will most likely work for you too!

No one is an exception!

How could that be possible?!

Because your body has zero clue of whether youare using an Olympic coach’s program, a Men’sHealth program, my program or the program madeby your local trainer.

It’s NOT the program that gets results. It’s HOWyou do the program!

Did you get that? It’s *HOW* you do the program!

Every day, my In box gets filled with email from peopleasking me, “Vince, I’m interested in your musclebuilding course but how do I know it’s going towork?”

It *WILL* work if you follow my recipe below:

1. TRUST the program and DECIDE to make it work

I firmly believe that having 100% trust inthe author of the program is one of the mostimportant factors in your success with a musclebuilding routine.

Your trust will affect the degree of effort, focusand dedication that you’ll put into the routine.That alone, will jack up your results!

That’s one of the main reasons you see so manytestimonials on my website: my customers believein me. As a result, they don’t question myadvice and their gym performance improves whichgets great gains.

Rarely, does a program actually ‘fail.’ Usuallyit is the person doing the program that fails!

If you DECIDE – that means you step up to the plateand commit to the program 100% – then why would youfail?!

DECIDE to make the program work before you begin.

DECIDE to study it, follow it and seed out the coachof the program for guidance IF you do needhelp.

I can’t stand people who say, “I’m not sure ifthis program will work for me….”

Decide to make it work and it will work!

2. Consistency

Have you ever seen those guys in your gym whowork out with horrible technique, don’t seemto have any structure to their workouts, andappear to be ‘overtraining’ because they arealways in the gym?

Yet, a good percentage of them have SPECTACULARbodies! Ever wonder why?

Most likely, they are SIMPLY consistent.

They do not miss workouts. They do not takelots of ‘down time’. They do not ‘try’ tomake it into the gym. They MAKE it to the gym.

You can bet your saving account that they willbe at the gym at the exact same time, the exactsame days, every day, like clock work.

Becoming *CONSISTENT* is extremely powerful becauseyou build up momentum and see instant gainswhich creates momentum which keeps you motivatedto maintain your rhythm.

Any program that you do CONSISTENTLY over timewill bear fruit.

3. Intensity

Visualize that guy in your gym again. The onewith no variety, no workout structure, andhorrible technique!

The same guy that is the biggest guy in you gym.

He doesn’t know anything about the latest ‘breakthrough’training program… he simply trains his butt offevery time he goes to the gym.

He rarely talks to anyone.He wears his iPodand hat.

Has no time to stare at himself in the mirror.Every rep he does is like his last rep.

Every set is done like his life depends on it.

He trains like a barbarian. He carries a towelbecause he drips sweat all over the gym floor.

He lifts heavy weights and high reps and hasothers stop and stare at him while he trainsthinking, “Is that how I should be training?”

The answer? YES! YES! YES!

Any program that you do over and above yourprevious workout intensity will product results.

You could give me any training program, and I amconfident enough that I would get results fromit, not because of the program, but BECAUSE Iwill do it with the RIGHT intensity.

Every workout should be forcing you to do moreweight, more reps and more sets and less weightin a structured manner.

4. Caloric Support

I don’t want to under estimate nutrition butI have to admit that I have seen guys withHORRIBLE nutrition get incredible physiquessimply because they TRUST the program,were CONSISTENT with the program and did theprogram with the right INTENSITY. And mostimportantly they DECIDED to get results.

Adding proper nutrition will take your physiqueto the highest level possible.

Trying to build muscle without the propernutritional support is like trying to buya $50,000 car with only $25,000 in the bank.

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