Is nutritional intelligence lost?

Is nutritional intelligence lost?
by Hesh Goldstein

(NaturalNews) We are living in a time that makes great demands upon our efforts to keep healthy through a well-managed dietary program. With all the devitalized and synthetic foodstuffs at our disposal, it is often very difficult to obtain the necessary natural foods that will keep our bodies in good health.

Millions of hard-earned dollars are being wasted by way of our mouths.

All of us are hungry for those necessary requirements that our “All-Knowing” Creator designed our bodies to have, to maintain a healthy, vigorous and responsive body.

We can no longer depend upon nature alone to supply the human body with its vital life forces.

We must cooperate with nature by having a thorough understanding of our physiology and bodily needs. Then, and only then, can we reap from nature that which keeps us in good health.

We have come face to face with three “giants” in our modern society. They respectively are: our food producers, marketing agencies and supermarkets, and uninformed consumers and housewives who are responsible for the food that is set before us.

The producers of our foods today find it difficult to be competitive and still grow foodstuffs without commercial fertilizers and sprays. Because of this we can hardly avoid buying contaminated foods. The marketing agencies do not want ripened fruits and mature vegetables, for fear of losses due to spoilage and shipping. Therefore, most foods are forced-grown and harvested pre-maturely, making them inferior in nutritional values.

Fresh, ripened foods, in their natural state, possess the highest nutritive value and this cannot be improved by preserving, processing, heating, or fermenting. These only tend to destroy its value.

Boiled vegetables that have been peeled and the water thrown away have no taste. Therefore, something must be done to make them palatable. So, we “doctor them up” by mixing sugar, salt, spices, MSG, butter or margarine, and other “things” together.

We polish the rice, we remove the germ and the husk to make refined flour for baking, we refine the sugars, we remove the skins, seeds and cores of apples and pears, and we peel the potatoes and scrape the carrots. We make beverages from coffee and cocoa beans and tea, all containing stimulating poisons, we use wonderful grapes to make fermented and intoxicating drinks, which in time paralyze the brain, and meat, fish, cheese and eggs, supply us with an enormous amount of animal protein, which must be countered by calcium taken from the bones, and we even preserve good food with chemicals such as sulfuric acid, arsenic, salicylic acid, nitrites and nitrates, and benzoic acid.

Then, because these devitalized and tampered-with foods cannot supply our bodies with what it needs and actually takes nourishment from it and depletes our store of nervous energy, we take sedatives, tranquilizers or aspirins, which eventually makes our condition worse.

If we would learn that adding organic sulfur to our diets that was extinguished by the petro-chemical fertilizers and we could learn to eat more raw foods in their natural state, the common ailments we now have would be few. Sickness would be replaced with health, The fresh complexion, sound teeth and gums, lustrous hair, vigorous build, perfect posture and natural graces of the body would present the strongest argument of natural living.

Much praise can be given to the mother, father, daughter, son, nurse, doctor or any other person who realizes that our bodies must not be defiled, and who puts into these “temples” food that will radiate a natural healthy beauty.