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I need help with contest preparation and supplements.

I am just about ready to begin preparing for my next competition and I have decided on using the following supplements for the next 12 weeks: creatine, l-glutamine, whey, ephedrine, caffeine, vitamin c, vanadyl sulfate, phosphatidylserine (ps), flax oil, and 6-oxo. Can you please tell me how to best incorporate each on a daily basis?

Well, I must say that this sounds like a pretty comprehensive list. You are really covering all of your bases here. I just hope that your diet and training regimen are equally as well thought out! Here are my general recommendations for each of these supplements:

-creatine: 5 grams per day added to your post workout shake on training days. On off days, 5 grams on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

-l-glutamine: on workout days take 5 grams on an empty stomach 1st thing in the morning, 30 minutes before your workout, immediately following your workout, and before bed. On off days take it in the morning and before bed.

-whey: take 1/2 a serving shortly before training and a full serving immediately after training.

-ephedrine/caffeine: 20 mg of ephedrine and 200 mg of caffeine 3 x per day on an empty stomach, spaced at least 4 hours apart. Don’t take too close to bedtime or it may keep you awake. Also, try to schedule 1 dose before training or cardio.

-vitamin c: 500 mg at each meal
-vanadyl sulfate: 7.5 mg at each carb containing meal (15 mg at post workout meal when carbs should be highest).
-ps: 800 mg on an empty stomach about an hour before training. On off days take 400 mg in the morning and another 400mg before bed.
-flax oil: 1 tbsp with breakfast, with pre workout whey, and with final meal.-6-oxo: 4 caps with final meal.

Best of luck with your competition!!

Is there any difference between designing a workout program for a man or a woman? I am a female and my trainer says that men and women should be trained the same.

Well your trainer is wrong! This is a very complicated topic…one that goes far beyond the scope of this column. However, here is a general list of considerations that must be made for a female client:

-joint instability differences
-orthepedic concerns
-structural differences
-postural differences
-hormonal differences
-metabolic differences
-the menstrual cycle
-psychological differences
-aesthetic goals
-lack of participation in sports (generally)

Like I said, this is a general list. Each of these concerns breaks off into its own topic. Some of these differences are genetic, some are social/environmental, and some are due to differences in footwear (high heels) and hair length. So, although men and women are very much “equal,” we are not the same!

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