How to gain weight without having to eat more?

How to gain weight without having to eat more?

I work in the internet security field and I have a problem that Iforget to eat I got to a point where I can withstand pain caused byhunger and also learned to ignore the stomache growling.I eat breakfast sometimes and dinner nothing in between my weightnever went over 145 Lbs I am 6″1 I work out every chance I get Ihave a well toned body but I got nothing but bone and muscle Ipersonally dont mind it but my family my girlfriend does I’ve beenmade fun of for being skinny all my life My metabolism is extremelypowerfull I can seriously manage to wipe out 2000 calories in a fewhours… I’m looking for way’s to gain weight quick please include allmethods legal or not ethical or not and please include side effects Ialso want info about HGH and what dosage and what I need to start.

Let me begin by reassuring you that you are not so thin that your healthis at risk. Based on the figures you provided, I calculate that yourBody Mass Index (BMI) is 19.1, or just this side of underweight. If yourBMI were 18.5 or less, you would be considered underweight and medicalintervention might be warranted. As it is, however, you are merely onthe thin side but not hazardously so, since you still fall inside therange considered to be normal. The following webpage has a BMI chartthat lets you determine this for yourself. Body Mass Index (BMI)

You say that you are interested in learning in all possible methods ofweight gain. I’m afraid there are few pharmaceutical remedies, sincemuch more research is directed at speeding up the metabolism than atslowing it down. There are a number of drugs, some very effective butalso very dangerous to the heart and nervous system, that speed up themetabolism so that it burns calories faster. I know of none that areexpressly designed to slow it down.

I will discuss human growth hormone at the end of my answer, but let mepoint out for the time being that the most common method of achievingweight gain is to raise the calorie count in one’s diet. This doesn’tnecessarily mean eating more, mind you. It means that whenever you do havea meal, you should select foods that are high in fat and protein. Youshould emphasize meat, butter, potatoes, vegetable oil, sauces, nuts,and dairy products in your diet, without cutting out fresh fruit andvegetables.

But the very best advice on gaining weight belongs to a former era,when social prejudice favored the ample girth as a sign of privilege. Incenturies past, when living standards were lower in every stratum ofsociety, poverty meant insufficient food intake and therefore a trimwaistline. Only the wealthy could afford to be plump. Today, it is thelowest classes who consume the fattiest foods and therefore weigh themost, while the rich and educated are concerned with keeping off weightat all costs. So the greatest experts on weight gain belong to the past.

It so happens that I have on my shelf a slim volume dating to 1935,the height of the Depression, authored by a famous fitness guru ofthe day named Artie McGovern. McGovern had among his clients numerouscelebrities and sports figures such as Jack Dempsey and Babe Ruth,none of them especially thin but all of them strong and healthy. Thetitle of this book is The Secret of Keeping Fit. Much of it is devotedto calisthenics and muscular strengthening. Then there is one chapter,occupying ten of the 200 pages in this book, entitled “Building Up theBody”. Since that is exactly where your interest lies, and since thecopyright on The Secret of Keeping Fit elapsed in 1963, I shall reproducethis chapter here in its entirety. I think you will agree that it offersbrisk and appealing advice on the problem of gaining weight.

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