How much muscle can I gain?

How much muscle can I gain?

While it is true that someone who has ALREADY gained a large amount of muscle mass (such as a professional bodybuilder) will have slow, minimal gains in lean muscle tissue, a beginner or someone with relatively low muscle mass levels can experience gains in muscle mass that far surpass the 12 lb estimate per year. I have seen individuals gain 60, 70 even 100 lbs of muscle in a year. All naturally, without steroids or drugs.

What’s the secret? Well first they were relatively new to training and so they had a great potential for growth. Second, they took their diet and training seriously. Anyone can gain a few pounds of muscle a year, buy just training regularly and eating fairly well. Nothing special…BUT if you want to make incredible gains in muscle mass then you need to approach this seriously, sort of like you are in school studying for a degree.

It’s all about sacrifice. Everyone wants to build muscle, lose fat, have a great body and a nice six-pack and bigger biceps, but they aren’t willing to put in the time and work required to actually do it! You can’t expect to make incredible progress without some level of incredible dedication and a incredible inconvenience.

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