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How do you eat 6 meals a day in the real world?

How do you eat 6 meals a day in the real world?

Anthony, I know you recommend eating six times per day, but how do you do it? I simply don’t have time to eat that often! What about people who are busy?Yes, I will admit that eating every three hours will take some getting used to, but it is definitely possible. Many of use are busy also, but we make it work by planning. You must plan your meals in advance. Know what you are going to eat and when. This will allow you to plan quick portable meals during times when you can’t sit down or take a break to eat “real food”. Some great portable meals are MRP’s, Ready to Drink products, and Protein bars. Even a egg or chicken sandwich will help. These foods can provide you with the needed protein and carbs to help you get more calories. Here’s a sample meal plan for all you busy guys:

8am: Breakfast: 3 Egg sandwich (in car)
11am: 2 Whey Protein Bars (at school)
2pm: Lunch: ½ of a Rotisserie chicken, corn, potatoes (cafeteria)
5pm: Ready to Drink MRP and some walnuts (at school)
6pm: Workout
8pm: Dinner: Lean steak, rice and string beans (restaurant)
11pm: MRP with some Flaxseed oil (at home)
12am: Bed!

One more think, don’t wait until the last minute to scramble for a meal. This will ultimately lead to skipping meals which is what you don’t want to do. Eating a high calorie diet day in and day out is difficult. Don’t give yourself an excuse not to eat.

Bicep Building Tips

Anthony, I want bigger biceps! Your biceps are really huge, how did you build them? Any tips?

Believe it or not, I train biceps just like any other muscle, once a week with heavy weight. Some people may respond better with training them twice per week, but I have to stay focused on my main goal which is gaining overall mass.

If you want more bicep size, gain more weight. If you aren’t gaining any body weight, then you won’t gain much arm size either. Instead of focusing on bicep curls, focus on mass building lifts like squats, deadlifts and barbell rows. These lifts will add mass to your entire frame, including your biceps! This is how I did it!

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