Bodybuilding series to air on HBO

Bodybuilding series to air on HBO
by Anthony Roberts

When I was 14 (15?) I read “Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder” by Samuel Wilson Fussell. It was given to me by my uncle, a long-time Golds Gym member who trained in south ‘Jersey at the same gym as industry- notables such as Scott Chinnery (the founder of Cybergenics), Joe Babick (of Gaspari Nutrition) and IFBB pro Franco Santorielo.

The book itself was, for a kid who had just begun weight training, a good look into the sport of bodybuilding.

The Cliff Notes on the book are that a really smart guy (educated at Oxford, etc…) saw this other dude get an @ss-kicking in public, so he became a bodybuilder (to avoid a similar fate). He worked out with homosexuals at tle local YMCA, went on a date with a bodybuilder chick, went from (6’4? &) 170 to 256, benched 4 and squatted 5 (or at least wanted to), did some steroids, and entered a bodybuilding contest. It was interesting to me when I was 15, but now that I’m summarizing it, it seems like a bit of a snoozer…

It’s a good starter book, if you’re just finding out about bodybuilding…and now HBO is making it into a series (which I’m told is going to be a comedy). The idea has potential, because I can only assume that an Oxford educated guy hanging out with bodybuilders is likely to make them the ongoing butt of the joke. If you’re offended by Planet Fitness commercials, then I’m guessing this won’t be a series you’ll be tuning into.

As for me, I probably won’t be tuning into it because I don’t find bodybuilding very interesting.


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