Body Type Diets: Science or Scam?

I see that you changed some things on your Burn the Fat website and you were talking about eating according to one’s body type. I purchased your Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle a while ago and I don’t recall anything about eating for body type.Are you now teaching what Dr. D’Adamo’s teaches in his book Eat Right for Your Type?

I’ve researched that myself and a lot of websites claim that there is some serious misinformation about Dr.D’Adamo’s claims.I’ve noticed that you always back up your articles with science- based evidence. Do you have any evidence for adjusting diet for body type? I was also wondering if the program you are now promoting is different than what I already have in your Burn the Fat, Feed the muscle ebook?

Burn the fat feed the muscle (BFFM) has nothing to do with”blood type” diets.

In fact, to the best of my knowledge, you are correct -there is Zero evidence that “eating right for your bloodtype” has anything to do with improving fat loss or bodycomposition.

I remember reading something Bill Phillips wrote years agowhen he was asked the same question about whether his programwould work if you had a certain blood type.

Phillips quipped, “Absolutely! If your blood type is red,the program will work for you!”

To this day, I still get a good chuckle out of that one.

So… unless you’re from planet Vulcan, I guess you’re in luck!

But seriously, if any blood type diet true believers can sendsend me published, peer-reviewed research showing otherwise,I will gladly post the information and amend my statement…but I won’t be holding my breath – there’s no mechanism or rationalefor how or why blood type would affect fat loss.

My Burn the Fat program has not changed, although I have beenworking on a revised 2nd edition for a long time and it is gettingcloser to completion.

We have only changed the website presentation to accomodatefor how most people are most readily consuming informationtoday on the internet (they don’t like reading long pagesof text, but they enjoy watching… at least that’s what theeye scan and usability studies say)

(If you don’t already have my burn the fat program, you can watchthe burn the fat presentation here:

The body type information has fascinated our customers and readersfor years, and it has always been a promient subject in bodybuildingculture.

So… we simply highlighted that part more in our most recent websiteupdates.

If you look at Chapter 5 of BFFM you’ll see that it goes into greatdetail about the somatotypes – ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph -but I would never base an entire program just on this one premise.

Somatotyping – or any form of eating and training for your body type,is only ONE aspect of my BFFM ebook, which is an extremelycomprehensive program.

The somatotyping theory was founded almost 80 years ago by Harvardpsychologist W. Sheldon.

In the 1990’s a biologist and anthropologist – Heath and Carter,made considerable advances and improvements on the somatotypingsystem which made it much more accurate and useful than just aclassification system that is merely descriptive.

You see, ideally we should be able to glean some insightsfrom knowing our body type that help us adjust our training andnutrition, if this somatotpying theory is to be a useful concept.

Otherwise it would be, as Heath and Carter noted, nothing morethan an “anthropological identification tag.”

In addition, research has given us much more understandingof the effect various foods (carbohydrates in particular)have on blood sugar response and metabolic syndromeand on ad libitum food intake (which in turn affectsfat loss results)

That brings up another “body typing” theory known as metabolictyping. This method is promoted by numerous health and nutritionprofessionals, most notably william wolcott.

That system also lacks scientific support – at least when taken literallyas a whole – but at its core lie some incontrovertible truths and veryuseful concepts…

…That individuals are physiologically and metabolically uniqueand that they vary widely in their energy needs (metabolic rate),and their ability to process carbohydrates and regulate blood sugar(metabolic type) …

This difficulty in handling carbs and regulating blood sugarincreases in obesity as shown by the high incidence of symptomsof metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes.

The research on this subject is extensive, and one suggestedremedy is to alter the macronutrient ratios to favor more leanprotein and healthy fats (important), and reduce the carbs atleast to a moderate degree (not discounting the need for caloricdeficit, of course).

That’s in combination with exercise and losing wt. which may bethe two best first lines of defense.

So, BFFM simply uses some of the latest info on somatotyping(sheldons original work, plus improvements on the systemfrom heath and carter), and info on adjusting your carbintake based on your goals, your health and your body type.

Again this has nothing to do with blood type, and it’s not”metabolic typing” except in the sense of adjusting yourcarbohydrate level as your health and tolerance allow.

Fine tuning this NEW SCIENTIFIC BODY TYPING system is oneof my current projects, so you will definitely be seeingmore information about this on my website, blog and in thisnewsletter, in the near future.

That new edition of my ebook (BFFM 2.0) which I mentioned willalso have updated information on this system. Anyone who ownsthe current edition will get the update just by being on ourclient list or showing receipt/proof of purchase. (note: do notemail me about this – we will announce it when it’s ready)

If you already own my original Burn the Fat, Feed the muscle (BFFM)ebook, you can find all the current info on body typing info in chapter 5,and info on adjusting carb intake in chapters 11 and 12.

Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle is the most detailed, one-stop guide to fat burning nutrition you’ll ever find.That’s why so many people call it the fat loss bible.

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