Are there any muscles I can focus on that will add an extra "dimension" to my physique?

I’m getting ready for a competition this summer and I really want to set myself apart. Aside from the basics, are there any muscles I can focus on that will add an extra “dimension” to my physique?

That is an excellent question. When I prepare for a competition myself I am always thinking in terms of trying to bring out details in my physique that nobody else has. Most guys are only concerned with the “showy” muscles like the chest, biceps, and abs. Now of course, while these muscles are the most important, there are other, less though about muscles that when fully developed, can transform a great physique into an outstanding one.

The following is a list of these muscles and some exercises that will target them:

-brachialis: hammer curls, reverse curls
-forearm extensors: reverse wrist curls, reverse curls
-serratus: pullovers, stiff arm pulldowns
-intercostals: twisting crunches, side crunches, side cable crunches
-soleus: seated calf raise
-gluteus/hamstring tie in: butt blaster machine, lower cable straight leg kickback
-rectus femoris: sissy squat, leaning back leg extension, straight leg lift
-tibialis: reverse calf raise/calf press
-erectors: hyperextension, good mornings
-upper back tie-ins: behind the neck pulldowns, seated row to chin

Add some of these exercises to your program and watch your physique take on a more complete look!

I am really trying to get cut up for the summer. Someone told me I should use a supplement called cytomel to burn fat. What do you think?

I think that you need to know that cytomel is not a supplement but a prescription drug! Cytomel is a brand name for the drug Liothyronine sodium. It is a pharmaceutical preperation of the natural thyroid hormone Triiodothyronine, also known simply as T-3. When this drug is used it will speed up the metabolism and cause a more rapid utilization of the macronutrients. Most important to bodybuilders is its ability to burn stored bodyfat without greatly restricting calories. This of course will lead to a more “ripped” appearance. However, like I said, cytomel is a drug, and it can have negative side effects. You will be better off focusing on your diet and cardio regimen than worrying about dangerous short cuts like thyroid drugs.

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