2011 Arnold Classic – Full Contest Results

Branch Warren Dominant in 2011 Arnold Classic Win
by Joe Pietaro

The 2011 Arnold Classic will be a memorable one in the Warren household. Not only did Branch take home the winning trophy from Columbus, Ohio, but his wife Trish placed third in a highly competitive Fitness International. Hopefully the power couple brought some empty suitcases with them from Texas to carry back all of the new hardware.

Also included in that was another Most Muscular Award for Warren and he brought a package to the stage that was his best. Not only did he look hard and dry, but Warren was proportioned from his traps to his calves.

Dennis Wolf continued his amazing upward trend by placing second and appeared even tighter than he did at last year’s Olympia. A mild surprise with third place came when Victor Martinez (a past winner of the Arnold but who has been slightly off the past few years due to injury and personal tragedy) heard Evan Centopani’s name called out for fourth place. The youngster from Connecticut appeared headed for the top three at pre-judging but the Dominican Dominator did come in sharp.

Another former winner in Ohio placed fifth, as Dexter Jackson’s smaller physique was symmetrical enough to keep him in the top six. Ronny Rockel rounded out the group and looked impressive, as usual. He probably deserved better, but no one can deny the German’s physique – diminutive or not.

Johnnie Jackson came in looking better than he has in a while and placed seventh, the spot that Roelly Winklaar (eighth) found himself in last March. Toney Freeman and Ben Pakulski also made the top 10.

Men’s Bodybuilding

1. Branch Warren
2. Dennis Wolf
3. Victor Martinez
4. Evan Centopani
5. Dexter Jackson
6. Ronny Rockel
7. Johnnie Jackson
8. Roelly Winklaar
9. Toney Freeman
10. Ben Pakulski
11. Sergey Shelestov
12. Fouad Abiad
13. Essa Ibrahim Obaid
14. Robert Piotrkowicz

Womens Bodybuilding

1. Iris Kyle
2. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
3. Alina Popa
4. Debi Laszewski
5. Betty Viana-Adkins
6. Cathy LeFrancois
7. Jeannie Paparone
8. Tina Chandler
9. Dayana Cadeau
10. Maria Rita Bello
11. Maria Segura
12. Antoinette Thompson
13. Sarah Hayes


1. Adela Garcia
2. Tanji Johnson
3. Trish Warren
4. Camala Rodriguez
5. Myriam Capes
6. Bethany Wagner
7. Regiane Da Silva
8. Oksana Grishina
9. Tina Durkin
10. Nicole Duncan
11. Erin Riley
12. Daniela O’Mara
13. Allison Ethier
13. Sylvia Tremblay


1. Nicole Wilkins
2. Erin Stern
3. Ava Cowan
4. Felicia Romero
5. Cheryl Brown
6. Courtney West
7. Teresa Anthony
8. Candice Keene
9. Latisha Wilder
10. Jennifer Gates
11. Larissa Reis
12. Rosa-Maria Romero
13. Chelsey Morgenstern
14. Alicia Harris
15. Monica Specking
16. Natalia Revajova


1. Nicole Nagrani
2. Sonia Gonzales
3. Nathalia Melo
4. Jessica Paxson-Putnam
5. Jaime Baird
6. Amanda Latona
7. Alison Rosen
8. Justine Munro
9. Jennifer Andrews
10. Noemi Olah
11. Jelena Abbou
12. Dina Al-Sabah
12. Shelsea Montes
14. Jessica Clay
15. Missy Coles
16. Willeke Davis

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