USPLabs & GNC Team Up On Wounded Warrior Project

USPLabs & GNC Team Up On Wounded Warrior Project

USPLabs (makers of the wildly popular Jack3D product) and GNC have teamed up to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). What is the Wounded Warrior Project? Good question! This program provides rehabilitation programs for severely wounded soldiers. WWP representatives provide advice and help wounded veterans with their integration back into society.

How The Donation Works

GNC is by far the most progressive supplement retailer when it comes to setting up these types of programs with vendors. For the rest of 2010, anytime you buy a USPLabs product at a GNC corporate store, a portion of the sale will go to the WWP.

Our Thoughts

It’s great to see USPLabs taking one for the team by donating a portion of their sales to fund this important cause. I doubt it will make millions of consumers suddenly run to GNC stores to buy up their products, but I think it’s a good cause all the same. I also think there will be some benefit for USPLabs from a retail relationship-building standpoint. Having great products that consumers love is one thing, getting the proper retail support to take advantage of the demand is quite another. I’ve seen many “should’ve been” supplements fail due to a lack of a sound retail strategy. We applaud the efforts USPLabs and GNC are taking to help with the Wounded Warrior Project.


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