TMZ Jay Cutler Post Emanates Sheer Jealousy by the Mainstream

TMZ Jay Cutler Post Emanates Sheer Jealousy by the Mainstream
by Joe Pietaro

TMZ is hardly an outlet that should be taken seriously, as should the people that follow it. But when the bodybuilding takes notice that one of their own is being attacked, natural instincts begin to kick in. ‘The National Enquirer” of television and the Internet posted two recent photos of Jay Cutler in their ‘You Might Want to Rethink’ department with the following caption, “Former human Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler shows off what he unwillingly did to his body at some muscle event in the UK Friday,” which set off a shitstorm of comments from their fans/followers.

Before we go any further, the unnamed ‘TMZ Staff’ member who put this crap up on their website ( didn’t even have the balls to do it under their name. In less than 24 hours, there has been an accumulation of seven pages of reader’s comments, one as feeble as the last.

One of the ‘geniuses’ even broke ground by writing that this was an obvious case of steroid abuse! Wow, thanks for clearing that up, jdohe! Of course there was the regular comments about getting back your balls, half a man in certain areas, it will all turn to flab when he stops exercising and even one happy-ass TMZ junkie calling bodybuilding ‘professional weightlifting.’

Let me make one thing perfectly clear – when an overwhelming amount of folks are all throwing barbs at someone with muscles to be proud of all resort to hiding behind a screen name and anonyminity, they are showing obvious jealousy and their small-man complex shines through. And to assume that steroids were the only factor in Cutler becoming a three-time Sandow winner also shows how the uneducated public thinks. I suppose that the 20 minutes on the treadmill a few times a month gives them enough credibility in the gym to look sideways at someone who really trains like a man.

They say that bodybuilders don’t have balls (literally) when it is in fact they who are ballless.

This is why the mainstream will never accept bodybuilding as a sport and lifestyle. They refuse to give it the time to learn about it enough where they see what is really about. You know what I say? Let them sit on their fat asses and make comments like this. We have the last laugh. And if they ever come out of their hiding spot and say it to someone’s face, they’ll just end up getting their asses kicked in.