Thaiger / Thai Pharmacy Busts Happening

Thaiger / Thai Pharmacy Busts Happening
by Anthony Roberts

A pharmacy by the name of “Top Pharmacy” in Pattaya, Thailand, was recently raided. The owner was arrested in what seemed to primarily be charges stemming from the illegal distribution of Kamagra (Indian/Generic Viagra). Over 100 vials of Thaiger Pharmacy (UG) anabolic steroids were also seized. Elsewhere, and almost simultaneously, a Thai/English steroid gang was busted in England, and charged with money laundering and possessing steroids with the intent to distribute. I’m unsure if they’re connected at the moment.

As the story goes, the Thai authorities interrogated the owner of Top Pharmacy and got their hands on the Thaiger rep for that area who is now squealing on the UGL industry of Pattaya, Thailand, and more…Meditech, the former partner of Thaiger was allegedly behind the original bust, so I’m told. In Thailand, businesses like this typically operate with the cost of bribes to the local police factored into their monthly bills, and although they both reportedly payoff the local police there, Meditech allegedly makes a larger monthly contribution. The last time Thaiger got busted, it was 600,000 baht for a get out of jail free card.

Let’s hope he has the funds to buy his freedom again – I’d hate to see anybody stuck in a Thai prison for selling anabolic steroids.


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