Seth Roberts purchases

Seth Roberts purchases
by Anthony Roberts

If you’re a regular reader of Muscular Development, you’ll recognize the name Seth Roberts (which isn’t actually his real name). He’s the author of a book called Anabolic Pharmacology, which is (I believe) either self-published or published by his employer, LG Sciences. Unfortunately, as it is not available on, or at any major book retailers, I’ve been unable to locate an ISBN number or publishing house.

Of note is that he is one of the only authors in Muscular Development who doesn’t have a picture attached to his column, and also happens to be one of the only authors in the field that nobody outside of LG Sciences has actually met in person. This is because of his work outside the supplement industry, in the world of pharmacology. And I suppose this is a real concern, as myself, Bruce Kneller, and others, have lost jobs because of their involvement in writing about anabolic steroids.

But most interesting to me is that he has recently purchased (or is about to purchase, or is in the process of purchasing, or whatever) from the previous owner. If we’re keeping score, most current steroid authors have written for the site (Llewellyn, Me, Arnold, Kneller, Collins, etc…) as well as Robbie Durand and numerous others. Today, the site is more or less a shadow of it’s former self, with very little value to anyone. It’s kind of odd that someone would purchase the thing, as it long ago surpassed “sinking ship” status, and currently sits at the very bottom of the message-board ocean.

The only problem with the site is the members, the content, and the staff (or at least that’s what I remember from a few years ago). Although my memory is a bit hazy, I seem to recall a lot of advice being given out by people who never trained anyone, and looked strikingly similar to the A.V. club at my local high-school. Who knows, maybe things have changed since then…

But it’s been purchased nonetheless, and I’m curious to see what direction it goes. Currently it’s something like, only less profitable, less visited, and less interesting. Nonetheless, in the past, M&M had a reputation of being “the” place where it went down, at least with regards to cutting edge information -…so it will be interesting to see what Seth has in store for the site. Also, as he works for LG Sciences, it’ll be interesting to see if that company takes over the forums, or if current sponsors feel alienated by advertising on a message board owned by the competition (and before you say that it was always owned by the competition, I’ll kindly note that Avant Labs hasn’t been a competitive company in several years). Drawing on my own personal experience of being a staff member on the site, I remember that it was terribly unprofitable for the various sponsors, and most of them easily lost money by advertising on the site…Personally, I sold about one book per month there, and other sponsors reported zero sales to me.

So…for what it’s worth, it’ll be a difficult site to turn around, and it’s doubtful that anyone is going to be up to the challenge…M&M ruined themselves long ago…