Phil Heath Will Win the 2011 Arnold Classic

Phil Heath Will Win the 2011 Arnold Classic
by Joe Pietaro

In this day and age of social media websites, professional athletes have made press releases obsolete and chosen to tweet their intentions for the whole world to read. On November 4, Phil ‘The Gift’ Heath posted on his official Twitter account that he will be competing at the 2011 Arnold Classic and intends on unseating Kai Greene, the two-time defending champion.

It was last March in Columbus, Ohio that Heath finished as the runner-up to ‘The Predator’ in a contest that Heath deserved to win. And then he took second in the Mr. Olympia show to his good friend Jay Cutler. If someone was ever poised to win their first major show, it is Heath.

Not that it will be an easy task. Greene will be looking to make up for his weak showing at the O and hold onto his title and Dennis Wolf, who finished fifth in Las Vegas, is on a comeback trail that may be hard to stop. Factor in Branch Warren and Dexter Jackson and the line-up will be a tough one as usual.

Heath looked superb at both shows in 2010 and may be the next great bodybuilder. He is on the cusp of it right now and winning an Arnold will be the first step towards making that a reality. The chances are better than good that he will do it in March.


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