Lab test allegedly shows USPLabs product doesn’t meet label claims

Lab test allegedly shows USPLabs product doesn’t meet label claims
by Anthony Roberts

A spirited discussion on has been been taking place over alleged lab tests suggesting USPLabs OxyELITE Pro doesn’t meet label claims. USPLabs has been alerted to the existence of the supposed lab tests, and have thus far failed to issue an official statement on Currently OxyELITE Pro is the best selling fatburner on, and appears to be doing reasonably well in GNC also.

And just for comparison, here’s the label claims from that same product:

As you can see, the lab test seems to reveal that each capsule actually contains a quarter of the claimed dose for the proprietary blend of ingredients. I’m unaware of USPLabs issuing an official response, but I would offer them a very easy solution:

Just foot the bill for me to purchase the product in question (right off the shelf at my local GNC), and get the tests done, and I’ll post the results on (and here). I guess, alternately, if there’s enough interest on, we can take up a collection and get the stuff tested. I know that sometimes companies want to see their competitor’s products tested, but want to avoid getting it done under their own name, to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest…I’m also willing to do this as well, and put my name on it. I couldn’t care less if I get threatened with lawsuits or whatever.

Here’s how this could work: I happen to live right next to a GNC that carries the USPLabs product line (as well as all major brands). This GNC is situated right next to a United Postal Service Store. To preserve the chain of custody, I’d simply purchase the item, but have an employee from the United Postal Service pick it up and mail it (they’d just need to walk next door)…so at no point would the product actually be in my hands, or out of the hands of a GNC employee…it would be placed directly in the mailing box, sealed by the employee of the shipping company, and mailed out to the lab directly. I wouldn’t touch anything, I’d just be giving the money to the GNC owner and the owner of the mailing service…ergo, the chain of custody would be protected, and I’d even pay for the shipping myself – and video the entire thing, so everyone can see that the product went directly from the GNC to the mail, with no other hands being involved. I think this is a pretty easy way for USPLabs (or any company) to exonerate themselves and prove that their product contains what it is supposed to.

I’d also like to extend this offer to any company who wants to see their product(s) pulled off shelves and independently tested…or, if the members of (or any message board) want to get some $$ together for testing, and want a verifiable chain of custody, I’m more than willing to be the guy who gets everything done. I’ll even agree to pay for the shipping charges for as many tests as people want me to run. I’ll do this for any product people (or a company, or whatever) want to pay for, and we’ll get it pulled right off the GNC shelves and put right into the mail by unaffiliated persons.

And, since the United Postal Service store even has a notary public on premises, I’ll sign an affidavit as to the chain of custody, and have then notarize it for us.

And you know me….I’m always willing to help – and like I said, I’ll foot the shipping bill personally.