Jay Cutler: “I don’t do steroids” – 2010 interview

Jay Cutler: “I don’t do steroids” – 2010 interview
by Anthony Roberts

My Canadian friends over at Muscle Insider have been good enough to post a link to a television show up in Canada, where, in a recent episode, Jay Cutler denies using steroids. The show is called “Next Question” and it airs on TSN, a Canadian sports network. When they’re not watching curling or hockey, I suppose they’re interviewing American bodybuilders.

As I recall, there was a deleted scene from Bigger Stronger Faster*, where Jay tells Chris Bell that he doesn’t consider anything “cheating” when it comes to bodybuilding. He tells us that everyone is looking for that edge, and that there’s steroids involved…he rounds out his comments by adding that you do what you do to be the best, and to win, and if you wanna call that “cheating” it’s fine…and finishes up by telling us that he’s got the edge.

Not totally clear…but certainly not a “no” as he’s recently given to Canadian viewers. In the end, we all need to realize that Jay is going to be one of those guys who denies steroid use until his career is long forgotten, then admits it from retirement. As the reigning Mr. Olympia and MT sponsored athlete, I can’t imagine that he’s going to come clean anytime soon.


I find it difficult to believe that Jay doesn’t use steroids ( and also, that they have television in Canada).

By: Scott Welch, Owner of MUSCLE INSIDER

Twelve and a half years ago, I finished my Nutrition degree at Ryerson University in Toronto and took a job working for supplement giant MuscleTech Research & Development. I spent 6 ½ years with them and it was an amazing experience. The most exciting part of my job was getting to hang with many of the top bodybuilders in the world! Guys like Chris Cormier, Greg Kovacs, Dexter Jackson, and even Jay Cutler were doing photo shoots with us all the time! But unlike some pros in the industry who can be outright dicks, Jay is one of the nice guys in the bodybuilding industry. I can’t say the same for my experience meeting Marcus Haley at this year’s Olympia but that’s another story! Jay is a hardcore bodybuilder no doubt, but he’s also a businessman and a positive ambassador for bodybuilding itself. And unlike many other pros I’ve met, Jay’s phenomenal in front of his fans and the media. Even when he’s asked tough questions on controversial topics like steroid use in bodybuilding, Jay’s as cool as a cucumber! Cutler was recently interviewed on TSN’s show “Next Question”. It was a really interesting type of interview because almost all questions could be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” answer. Some of the interesting highlights of the interview include:

* Jay confirms that he does have 22.5 inch arms.
* Jay believes that Hulk Hogan did in fact have 24 inch arms in his prime.
* He eats between 4,000 and 7,000 calories per day.
* He has 7 DVDs out.
* He has no interest in competing in the world’s strongest man contests.
* He doesn’t have a Fanny Pack!
* He spends 3 times per week at the tanning salon.
* He feels that bathrooms in Japan were not big enough for him.
* He can fit into regular seating on an airplane if he has to, but prefers first class (who doesn’t!).
* He says that he does NOT find female bodybuilders attractive!
* He says he does NOT take steroids!