Europa Battle of Champions Final Results


What an incredible contest. Lonnie Teper predicted that Ed Nunn would rule the day in Hartford, and he did, winning the Men’s Open Class over Troy Alves and Ben White. In the Mens 202lbs and Under, Jose Raymond beat an incredible looking David Henry. Also, congratulations to Dianna Dahlgreen and Candice Keene for winning in pro bikini and pro figure.

Here are the scorecard results of the five IFBB contests held in Hartford, Connecticut on July 24th.


1. Edward Nunn
2. Troy Alves
3. Ben White
4. Michael Kefalianos
5. Leo Ingram Jr.
6. Johnnie Jackson
7. George Farah
8. Michael Liberatore
9. Darrem Charles
10. Constantinos Demetriou
11. Erik Frankhouser
12. Oscar Dexter
13. Jeffrey Long
14. Greg Ulysses
15. Alexandre Nataf
16. Serdar Aktolga
16. Damaso Chacon
16. Oleg Emelyanov


1. Jose Raymond
2. David Henry
3. Luc Molines
4. Tim Martin
5. Wendell Floyd
6. Gaetano Cisternino Jr.
7. Frederic Sauvage
8. Jeff Long
9. Abiu Feliz
10. Anthony Finocchiaro
11. Emro Karadjuzovic


Dianna Dahlgren bounced back from her first pro show to win the inaugural Europa Battle of Champions. She took straight firsts from the judges. Jessica Jessie was second in her IFBB Pro debut and Diana Fields moved up into third place. Jelena Abbou placed a disappointing 4th. Personally, I had her in the top 3 but I’m not a judge. I’ll share my breakdown later on the contest. Congrats to all the women going to the bikini Olympia.

1. Dianna Dahlgren
2. Jessica Jessie
3. Diana Fields
4. Jelena Abbou
5. Kat Holmes
6. Tabitha Klausen-Leandri
7. Jessica Lawrence
8. Kelly Gonzalez
9. Natalie Waples
10. Janet Harding
11. Juliette Primak


Congrats to Candice Keene for her first IFBB Pro victory. She took home straight ones to win this show. Terri Turner edged out Gina Trochino by one point to take second. Gina landed in third and secures a spot in the Figure Olympia.

1. Candice Keene
2. Terri Turner
3. Gina Trochino
4. Marcy Porter
5. Hazal Nelson
6. Monica Mark-Escalante
7. Tivisay Briceno
8. Jennifer Hernandez
9. Julie Kulla
10. LaVonda Ezell
11. Caroline Hernandez
12. Jennifer DeJoya
13. Aleisha Hart
14. Jennifer Migliacci
15. Melody Clere
16. Petra Mertl
17. Mia Finnegan
17. Rachel Cammon
18. Ginette Delhaes
18. Kristin Nunn
18. Laura Sutter
18. Michele Mayberry
18. Mikaila Soto
18. Vicki Nixon


Congratulations to Brigita on her second win in a row. The top three women are now qualified for the Olympia in September.

1. Brigita Brezovac
2. Helen Bouchard
3. Cathy LeFrancois
4. Nicole Ball
5. Debbie Bramwell
6. Skadi Frei-Seifert
7. Lisette Acevedo
8. Tazzie Columb
9. Wendy McCready
10. Cassandra Floyd
11. Beverly DiRenzo
12. Rita Rae
13. Tammy Patnode
14. Maria Calo
15. Aurelia Grozajova
15. Daniela Sell
16. Elizabeth Gomez
16. Irene Andersen
16. Mary Ellen Jerumbo
16. Sarah Bridges

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