Dennis Wolf Comeback Story Only at the Beginning

Dennis Wolf Comeback Story Only at the Beginning
by Joe Pietaro

Although this comeback story differs greatly from someone such as Michael Vick’s, it is still impressive, nonetheless. No, Dennis Wolf didn’t miss two years of action, but his fall from grace after being a top contender was heavy. As recent as 2008, the giant German was considered as one of the favorites to win the Mr. Olympia. And then a year later, he didn’t even place.

After going through a number of nutritionists and trainers such as Chad Nicholls and Milos Sarcev, Wolf decided to turn back the clock. “I did what I did before as an amateur and at the beginning of my pro career,” he said. “I didn’t work anymore with the gurus. I did everything by myself.”

His strategy apparently worked, judging by the results. Wolf finished in fifth place and looked fantastic in Las Vegas. It was a transformation that no one – besides Wolf himself – could foresee. He has already committed to competing at the 2011 Arnold Classic in March and immediately has to be looked at as a possible top six contender. If he is able to make some progress and improvements from September, Wolf may be able to push himself into the top three or even get a surprise win if someone else comes in a little off.

With Phil Heath and Kai Greene in the line-up, it may be a steep climb to attain a placing higher than third. Heath should have won it last time and looked awesome at the O, and Greene seems to peak at that time of year and will be going for his third consecutive win n Columbus, Ohio.

But someone like Wolf can be a wild card entrant. Because of his big size, he stands out so well when things are good and bad. Wolf needs to use that to his advantage and come there in top condition. If he has a good showing at the Arnold, then he will be right back in the mix of things. Two strong shows in a row will be an indicator that Wolf, 31, can be in the Olympia conversation for some time to come.

But if he is not on top of his game in March, then all of that hard work in 2010 will be for naught.


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