Day Two – Ms. Olympia Recap, Men’s Pre-Judging Report From Las Vegas

Day Two – Ms. Olympia Recap, Men’s Pre-Judging Report From Las Vegas
by Joe Pietaro

Back in March, Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia deserved to win the Ms. International over Iris Kyle but settled for second place. Tonight at The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, the difference was even greater but somehow Kyle was able to retain her title. Yaxeni was more defined than Kyle and was poised to win her second Olympia, but will have to wait until next year. A much improved Debi Laszewski finished in third place, Sheila Bleck fourth, Dayana Cadeau fifth and Heather Foster – who had the most entertaining posing routine of the evening – rounded out the top 6.

In the men’s open pre-judging, it appears to be Jay Cutler again. The local boy received the loudest ovation from the crowd and he appears even more conditioned than last year. Phil Heath is still very young so he will have his day, but for now ‘The Gift’ will have to be content with the runner-up position. Branch Warren, who took second last September, was on point and could very well finish there again, but he should be top 3 either way. 2008 Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson seems to be in the fourth position, going by the call-outs. Then it gets really interesting…

Ronny Rockell – who we have been touting as a top 6 competitor since the Arnold – may make us look smart tomorrow evening. The German looked fantastic and was part of the top call-outs. Then the biggest surprise of the night heard his name in the second call-out. Dennis Wolf, who did not even place a year ago, appears much more drier then he has recently and may creep into the top 6. Timing is everything and even when we interviewed Big Bad Wolf last night at the “Meet The Olympians” he had that bloated look and appeared to be carrying too much fluids. He told us that he prepared for this show by himself without the help of a guru or a nutritionist and the results speak for themselves.

Some disappointments were Kai Greene and Victor Martinez. Both did not look as good as they did last time on this same stage and Charles Glass, Greene’s former trainer, was heard afterwards saying that he felt sorry for him.

A few of the IFBB officials were saying that many of the competitors were dehydrating backstage. The competition is so tight that is understandable.

MuscleSport Mag’s Top 6 Prediction:

1 – Jay Cutler
2 – Phil Heath
3 – Branch Warren
4 – Dexter Jackson
5 – Dennis Wolf
6 – Ronny Rockel