Day One – “Meet The Olympians” Highlights, MSTV Interviews

Day One – “Meet The Olympians” Highlights, MSTV Interviews
by Joe Pietaro

We have arrived and immediately broke out the video camera to head to the “Meet The Olympians” session. Held on the concourse level of the Orleans Arena, there was plenty of room for the fans and pros alike. Of course Jay Cutler had the longest line to get his autograph, which was winding down the corridor. And this was during the 7:00 VIP hour. At 8, it was open to the general public and that line dwarfed Jay’s. No doubt that a good portion of the people waiting will end up just there, though.

Speaking of the defending champion, Cutler looks amazing. He should be able to retain the Sandow. Kai Greene was all covered up in his infamous hoodie, so we will have to wait and see until tomorrow. The majority of the pros were wearing a tight t-shirt or sleeveless shirt, so you can get a glimpse of what’s to come.

Phil Heath, Branch Warren and Victor Martinez looked good, but Dennis Wolf appears off again. Anything can change between now and then, but he still has that bloated look that has been his downfall of late.

In the 202, Kevin English looks amazing and will once again take that award back to Long Island. With the women, don’t take your eyes off Debi Lazewski. She sounded totally confident and looked sharp.

Here’s a few video clips and interviews to kick things off. It’s getting late and I’ve been up for over 22 hours between traveling and working. I’ve been in Las Vegas since the afternoon and I haven’t lost a dollar yet. I haven’t won anything, either. Time to go downstairs to the roulette wheel and change that…


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