BSN Donates 132,000 Bottles of SYNTHA-6

BSN Donates 132,000 Bottles of SYNTHA-6

BSN Lends a Helping Hand to the Haitian Relief Effort

The January 12, 2010 earthquake that struck just outside the capital city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti was a catastrophic event that has taken a disastrous toll on the people of Haiti and whose long-term consequences will be felt for years. In the time since the earthquake hit, governments, humanitarian organizations and private individuals all over the world have stepped up and found ways to contribute to the rescue, relief and rebuilding efforts in the small island nation, an outpouring of support and solidarity that demonstrates the very real connection that crosses all boundaries of nationality, race, religion and class uniting all human beings on this fragile planet. The heartfelt response this tragic event has elicited has been overwhelming, and everyone who has contributed on any level deserves to be commended for their efforts.

BSN Helps Haiti

For its part, BSN® is deeply saddened by the suffering of the Haitian people, and the company is donating its own unique and creative contribution to the country’s relief efforts. Over the next four weeks, BSN® will be sending a total of 11,000 cases (132,000 bottles) of its ready-to-drink high-protein beverage SYNTHA-6™ RTD to the people of Haiti, as well as the doctors and nurses working around the clock to save lives who barely have a chance to eat themselves. BSN®’s hope is that the portable, shelf stable, and highly nutritious nature of this high-protein meal replacement will be some small blessing to those in need, from the victims themselves to the relief workers sacrificing to ensure Haiti’s survival.

While the worst may be over, the people of Haiti remain in dire straits, and BSN® is humbled to be in a position to offer a degree of assistance in this time of urgent need. If you’d like to make your own contribution to this worthy cause, there are numerous ways to do so, and plenty of wonderful organizations that need your support. Below are several web addresses of organizations currently accepting donations of food, clothing, or money, both locally in South Florida as well as on a national and international level. Additionally, many mobile phone providers offer TEXT options for making a direct financial contribution; check with your provider for more information.

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