Axio Labs bust update

Axio Labs bust update
by Anthony Roberts

Axio labs is not out of business – they’re just busted. They’ve been busted before, and they haven’t closed up shop, so I’m not sure why people are freaking out about this recent bust. I guess the websites being down is kind of a big deal, because we haven’t seen that before when Axio is busted, but we’re talking about a company who has had millions of dollars in product seized in Canada, had the owner arrested in Ireland, etc…and not gone out of business.

Remember, we don’t know the full details yet, all we know is that some people from Axio were busted in Cyprus. Were these guys high-up in the company, was it the owner, were they just remailers? We really don’t know. What I will stress is that there have been numerous busts in the upper echelon of Axio/GenXXL in the past, and the company has kept chugging along.

At the moment details are still filtering in, and it’s difficult to get a handle on what information is accurate and what information is just speculation. From the clues in the original Cyprus report, we know the alleged ages of the people arrested. None of them match the age of Axio Labs owner, Brian Wainstein. So it may be (or not) that the owner of the company is still free, while his employees have been busted – I’ve gotten an unconfirmed report that this happened on the other (Turkish) side of Cyprus recently, as well as in Sweden.

We’ve seen this before, when Glenn England was busted in Canada…but we’ve also seen the opposite, when Wainstein served time in Ireland. Neither of these incidents caused GenXXL/Axio to go out of business.

However, Brian Wainstein has used several aliases throughout the years, and has invested a considerable sum of money into procuring fake identification – we know this not only because his original alias was “Barry Benjamin” but also because Dr.S from was friends with a guy whose job it was to get fake ID for Wainstein.

Remember, even though GenXXL/Axio was busted, this doesn’t mean they’re out of business. Wainstein was busted on Sept 16th, 2003, he didn’t serve any time until July 30th of 2007, and he continued to operate GenXXL throughout that entire time. And remember even though he was sentenced to 2 years, he only served 4 months, while his remailer Glenn England was sentenced to 30 months and served no time at all (both continue to deal steroids).

So just because we saw a bust that involved GenXXL/Axio, doesn’t mean they’re out of business, and even if the owner was arrested, it hasn’t mattered in the past.

Remember, although this bust involves Axio, I’m not saying that the company is finished, that their websites won’t come back online, or whatever…I’m just saying that some people who worked for the company were busted. Whether or not it’s a big deal remains to be seen, but certainly Axio has gone through similar problems, and come out alright.

And interestingly enough, we’re seeing a very nice 40% off sale from Axio right now. I seem to remember another company, by the name of AP, who had a similar sale going on, back in the Operation Raw Deal days. The prices were really good, but instead of getting steroids in the mail, all of the customers got a letter from the FDA, while the United States government earned a cool $100,000. Since Axio is a $1m-2m/month operation, the temptation to bring in that kind of cash would be irresistable for the Feds (*and me, and you).

So once again, I’m not saying Axio is out of business, I’m just telling you that they got busted. And I honestly wouldn’t be too worried about it, if you’re a customer of theirs; Axio has claimed that they have filled 220,000 orders, and that they have tens of thousands of customers, and I believe them. There simply isn’t the manpower within the FDA-OCI (which is very small), nor the DEA, to track down each and every customer who got a couple of bottles of Tren or whatever. It’s just not possible.

Busted? Yes.
Out of business? Probably not.
Should you be worried? No.


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