Anonymous lab tests popping up on Bodybuilding.com

Anonymous lab tests popping up on Bodybuilding.com
by Anthony Roberts

Recently, I told you about a set of anonymous lab tests that popped up on Bodybuilding.com, alleging that Oxy Pro Elite was mislabeled/underdosed. At that time, I reserved judgment and offered to help get a batch tested (my offer was declined). Now, another set of lab tests have appeared, alleging that Gaspari Nutrition’s Myofusion (protein) is underdosed. And yes, that bad cell-phone pic to the left is of my actual supplement stash at the moment…that’s what I’m using right now, and yeah, I paid for the Myofusion.

Again, like the OPE lab test, this one was also anonymous, and also posted by a 1-time-use throwaway account, with a hidden IP address.

There was some speculation that it was me, but that’s kind of silly; I don’t post anything anonymously, and have been very willing to get sued for what I write.

But in general, I think this is a bad trend I see emerging at Bodybuilding.com, and I believe the rules should be amended to prohibit “anonymous” lab tests of products being posted. Let’s face it, nobody is going to spend hundreds of their own dollars to get a product tested – unless they’re involved in the industry, and likely have an axe to grind with the company who makes the product. If you’re willing to put the time in, and you stand behind your words and tests, then there should be no reason not to put your name on them.

Over on the Crossfit message board, believe it or not, there are no “user-names” allowed…i.e. everyone is forced to post under their own real name. I’m not sure if that’s the solution, because the internet has a veil of anonymity that sometimes allows for a greater good to be served. But in the case of anonymously posting lab tests, I think Bodybuilding.com has to draw the line, and automatically delete them – not just for Gaspari, but for USP Labs, and anyone else who has anonymous claims leveled at them by people unwilling to back their words.


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