Alternative Workouts For Conditioning and Calorie Burning

This is New England, you take nice days and use them when you can get one as you dont know when there will be another. On those days Im just not “feelin it” for being in the gym cause its too damn nice out or some other reason – but Im in need of some exercise – I will use an “alternative workout” to my typical program. My personal training program revolves around resistance training (weight training baby!) mainly, a GPP/conditioning day(1), and LISS. My general set up, per a program I developed called Brinks Hybrid Program, involves specific structured resistance training a GPP/Conditioning/HIIT day approx once every 7-10 days and some LISS. When, I say LISS (low intensity steady state aerobics) I mean 30 minute walk, or maybe a 40-60 minute bike ride at an easy pace done as much for relaxation and piece of mind, as for exercise.

I wont go into detail about how the resistance training is set up, but the GPP/Conditioning day has its own specific structure I call the Hybrid-HIIT day. However, some days, when Im just not feelin the gym, I will do something else that fits my need for a GPP/conditioning type day. For example:

I took the Prowler and 50lb sand bag to a hill by a local park and did Prowler pushes (using “easy” handles going up and “hard” handles going down hill) using my GymBoss interval timer for 10 minutes, and followed with one leg st leg dead lifts super set with lunges using the sand bag. I like the one leg straight leg dead lift with the sand bag as its just about the most unbalanced darn thing you can do, and you feel it in much more then just the hamstrings, as so many muscles adjust to keep you from falling over. My legs are always sore after that workout!

Yesterday, I had another “Im not feelin the gym but want to get some exercise” kinda day (it was 70 and sunny out!) so back to the park I went. This time, I took the drag sled and 75lb sand bag to the park close to my house.

I had my interval timer set to 1:30 and did a circuit of:

forward drag sled (30 sec)
1 min rest
(reverse drag sled (30 sec)
1 min rest
push ups (30 sec)
one min rest
one leg st leg dead (30 sec per leg)

Repeat till Dead 8-)

Did as many cycles of that as I could stand, took 5 minute rest, then reversed the rest/work intervals of 1 min work, 30 secs rest, and did the above for as many cycles as I could stand, which was not many I have to admit!

Back home for a post workout drink!

The above is taking place of what would be the Hybrid/HIIT day in my Hybrid Program – which comes with the Deluxe Edition of The BodyBuilding Revealed Program – and its great for GPP/conditioning and general calorie burning.

Point is, be inventive and creative with your workouts, but within that, should be a structure and a purpose to it which fits into a larger program that ultimately fits your particular goals.

Lower Body Training Using Low Tech Tools

The video below is a similar workout to the “Alternative Workouts for Burning Calories and Losing Fat” workout I put up recently, but minus the upper body work. This workout has forward and reverse sled drags, lunges, one leg straight leg deadlifts, and Planks (which didnt get filmed…) for a highly effective “functional” leg, butt, and general conditioning workout. If more people – especially women – did more workouts like this, using low tech tools, they would get far better and faster results. I see so much wasted time in the gym on all manner of “butt firming” machines, exercises, and other time wasters, which could all be done with a program such as this.

Theres so many productive “functional” movements that can be done with sandbags, and a few other things (such as the GymBoss Interval timer, etc) whether used as part of a program, as an “alternative” to their main program, etc, its a ‘no-brainer product in my view.

For high level athletes, MMA, bbers, etc, such a workout can be more of a GPP/Conditioning Day or part of the overall program, depending on goals, and how difficult one makes the workout. Add 3-4 45lb plates to that sled, and make the sand bag a 100lb plus bag, and all but an elite strong man will have a very challenging and productive workout.

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