5 Reasons You’ll Probably Get Fat Over The Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching and if you’re not prepared for the holiday parties and meals – you’re probably going to get fat, canceling out the weeks of hard workouts and dedicated nutrition. Between now and November 16th I’m going to share my best trade secrets for avoiding holiday weight gain and surviving the time of year that many people end up losing muscle, pack on fat and damage their metabolism.NOTE: I wrote this article to help YOU. Please don’t interpret my remarks towards your friends as offensive or personal. I am more interested in seeing you conquer the holidays in top form, instead of being sensitive toward the feelings of your friends. Enjoy the read.

Here is part 1 of the Reasons You’ll Get Fat Over The Holidays series…

1. Give into “C’mon, It’s The Holidays!”

Ever hear that one before when you politely decline to the chocolate cake? “C’mon, it’s the holidays…” is usually the comment non-comitted and weak-minded people use to excuse their lack of discipline. It’s funny, because these are the same people who seem to always be struggling with their physique and complaining about how they look and feel.

Unless this advice is coming from an individual flaunting a ripped six-pack and a lifestyle you admire, I would question the source of this council! You never hear the ripped and fit people marching to the mantra of, “C’mon, it’s the holidays…” so these are the people you should be taking clues from.

2. Give into “C’mon, You Deserve It!”

It’s amazing the rationalization our minds can create when we feel guilty. This statement comes from those who attempt to make themselves feel better about their lack of focus and discipline. It justifies foods that are normally off limits.

If you wish to award yourself for sticking to your diet or training, consider healthier ways that move you closer to your goals, not further from your goals.

I have nothing against treating yourself, but it should be planned in advance. Bodybuilders might treat themselves to a cheat meal on a Saturday night after a week of dedicated dieting and training, which is a strategic component of their long term goals. It’s planned, not randomly awarded in a moment of temptation.

3. Give into the “C’mon, You Can Burn It Off Tomorrow…”

In reality, you can burn it off over the next few days. Often times, deviating from our diets can result in an extra 500-1,000 calories (or sometimes way more) that would require an extra 30-90 minutes of caloric expenditure.

Before you cave into unplanned temptation ask yourself, “Is this worth delaying and slowing my results? Is this worth the extra stairs I’ll need to climb or the extra run I’ll need to slip in?” Trust me, you’ll rarely never regret passing on an extra serving or dessert that will delay your results. If anything, you’ll feel more committed and empowered towards achieving your final goals.

Plus, giving in once to the “C’mon, you can burn it off tomorrow…” will make it far easier not to give in again tomorrow. This is a losing battle that you’ll always be playing catch-up on. Here’s the reality: the individuals who say are really working out today to burn off yesterday’s calories, are really calories they packed on years ago by giving into this rationalization.

4. Give into the “C’mon, It Tastes So Good…”

It tastes even better to get stares and compliments from your friends and strangers when you reveal your shredded physique in your swim suit. Which would you prefer? The taste of a great brownie or the taste of satisfaction and pride that comes with achieving a body that represents hard work, discipline and focus.

You’ll never regret the taste of achievement over the taste of a food that will only compromise and slow your fat-burning and muscle-building results.

5. Give into “C’mon, You Already Look Amazing…”

“Exactly! How do you think I got my body here in the first place?” Remember, nobodies body always looked amazing. It went through a transformation that was more a test of mind and spirit, than actual physical body.

In my experience, when you put someone into the gym and push them, they will do it. The true winners are created in the kitchen, at social setting and in the grocery stores. These are the places your commitment is challenged , when you’re forced to make decisions that will drive you forward or hold you back.


I trust my insights will come as a healthy source of accountability over the holidays preventing you from side-tracking and delaying your results. I am confident the taste of empowerment and discipline will satisfy you more than any guilty pleasure!

Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain found at www.VinceDelMonteFitness.comHe specializes in teaching skinny guys how to build muscle and gain weight quickly without drugs, supplements and training less than before.

About the Author:

Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain foundat VinceDelMonteFitness.comHe specializes in teaching skinny guys how to build muscle and gain weight quickly without drugs, supplements and training less than before. A world famous fitness coach and author, Vince DelMonte is known as the top “Skinny Guy” expert and has helped more skinny guys and girls defeat their muscle unfriendly genes without drugs and supplements.Vince is a national competing fitness model champion, the most sought out fitness coach in his area, a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness magazine and the author of the world’s top muscle building course for hardgainers, No Nonsense Muscle Building. You can get more information at VinceDelMonteFitness.com

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