5 Growth Tactics For Your Muscle Building Back Workouts

Want to really impress me? Cranking out 30 chin ups in a row or bang out a set of wide grip pull ups with a 25 pound weight hanging from your waist. Oh yeah, cranking out a set of 25 reps with 225 pounds on a deadlift will catch my attention too.While watching the 45th annual Mr. Olympia, the most eye-catching moment was when the final 22 hit a massivefront or rear lat spread with authority. With that said, I find it equally eye-catching when a female in my gym is performing full chin ups unassisted. Believe me, it’s a rare sight.

The good news about building a barn-yard back is that it requires virtually no machines, basic free weight training can give you that V taper.

5 Important Reasons To Take Your Muscle Building Back Workouts Seriously

1. Improves your posture and protect yourself from a chest-dominant lifestyle.
2. Cranks up your metabolism because back requires a huge degree of energy expenditure.
3. Burn a large number of calories since back is the second biggest bodypart on the body.
4. Beat your friends in a boat race.
5. Jump off a building and fly to the group because your lats flare so wide.
5 Growth Tactics For Your Muscle Building Back Workouts

1. Start doing In-Set Supersets. I learned this technique from my good friend Nick Nilsson, also known as The Mad Muscle Scientist who coached me through this technique while in Cancun Mexico.

2. Build up to 1 set of 50 deadlifts with 135 pounds, without a break. I consider this the equivalent of knocking out 100 straight pushups. A basic fitness standard anyone with multiple years of bodybuilding should be to handle. Achieving this standard focuses on improving your muscular-endurance and this aspect of your training helps increase your ability to handle lactic acid. If you have a low lactic-acid tolerance, you’ll fail pushing your limits into the real of extra reps.

3. Separate your back into a pulling day and pushing day. When it comes to back training many bodybuilders describe “back day” as “back day.” Rarely will someone say, “Today is vertical pulling day…” or “Today is horizontal pulling day…” Your back works in two major planes of movement, vertically and horizontally.

Vertical pulling moves would consist of pull ups, chin ups, lat pulldown variations and pullovers – specific exercises for your lats and wideness.

Horizontal pulling moves consist of bent over rows, seated rows, one arm rows and reverse flies – specific exercises for your mid back and thickness.

To maintain balance within your shoulders joints and posture, vertical pulling would be countered with vertical pushing, which is shoulders. This means, you do 12 sets on lats, you must have 12 sets on shoulders. Horizontal pulling would be countered with horizontal pushing. So if you do 12 sets on rows, you must have 12 sets on chest. Often times, more pushing movements drench a program hence so many bodybuilders have internally rotated shoulders.

4. Finish your workout with Decline Dumbbell Pullovers. I include this exercise in my Top 10 Final Finishers DVD. This exercises is an excellent finisher to add detail and density to your lats, plus it’s a tremendous workout on your serratus anterior.

Strive to knock out 75-reps with mini-sets starting with a weight you can do 20 reps. The exercise will start out tame but gradually gets more and more intense. The burn will make your entire body quiver!

5. Another challenge-based goal: 30 chin ups and 20 pull ups. If you’re advanced, you have achieved this feat but rarely will see someone crank out 30 perfect chin ups or 20 perfect pull ups. Perfect form to me means 95% full extension and clearing your chin over the top of the bar. It’s even more impressive if you can achieve this goal with controlled-speed and without momentum.

The best method to achieve your goal reps is to work with a standardized rest period like 30 seconds and reduce the rest period 5 seconds each week until you can do the entire set without any rest. Believe me, your lats will be flaring and your biceps will be jacked once you can do this.


I would love to know two things from you below:

1. Share your favorite growth tactic from my list above.

2. Which one is new for you and looks interesting enough to try out?

Lets get 50 comments below before I release the next video for shoulders.

Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain found at www.VinceDelMonteFitness.comHe specializes in teaching skinny guys how to build muscle and gain weight quickly without drugs, supplements and training less than before.

About the Author:

Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain foundat VinceDelMonteFitness.comHe specializes in teaching skinny guys how to build muscle and gain weight quickly without drugs, supplements and training less than before. A world famous fitness coach and author, Vince DelMonte is known as the top “Skinny Guy” expert and has helped more skinny guys and girls defeat their muscle unfriendly genes without drugs and supplements.Vince is a national competing fitness model champion, the most sought out fitness coach in his area, a regular contributor to Men’s Fitness magazine and the author of the world’s top muscle building course for hardgainers, No Nonsense Muscle Building. You can get more information at VinceDelMonteFitness.com

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