The Serge Nubret Poison Mystery Continues

serge The Serge Nubret Poison Mystery Continues
By Joe Pietaro

In this day and age of instant access and technology that can dispel rumors before they even get any legs, it is amazing that the situation concerning the health of a bodybuilding legend has been in doubt for months on end. Serge Nubret, 70, was reportedly training to make a guest posing appearance at this year’s Mr. Olympia contest before being found in a comatose state at his home in France on March 19, 2009. Nubret’s website included this official statement:

To cut a long story short and to stop the rumors available on the internet, we have decided to publish this official statement concerning Serge Nubret’s health state.

On March 19 2009, our father was discovered home, in a coma by firemen. He was immediately transfered to the Lariboisiere hospital. Since that, Serge Nubret is under the supervision of the hospital’s medical staff. For now, the diagnosis is a hypoglycemic coma probably due to a malfunction of the pancreas. The explorations continues while Serge Nubret is in rehabilitation. We will keep you informed of any change in its health state.

Meanwhile, we suspend the website. Thank you for your understanding and support.

His children.

He was hospitalized and then supposedly suffered a stroke, which was not confirmed. There was even a rumor that Nubret had passed away. Approximately a month later, a forum on the Quantum Touch website reported that he may have been poisoned and that his daughter was his primary care physician:

Hi. My friend, Serge Nubret was deliberately poisoned. His photo is my avatar. He is at Laribroisiere Hospital in France in the Toxicology Department. He has been sedated there for the past 4 weeks. No one is allowed to see him but the family…most of whom he does not trust.

He was in excellent health before. Now he’s in a strange hypnotic zombie state for no reason…like he’s all drugged up and does not recognize people some of the time. He should have been out of there after a few days. But he can not talk or eat or stay awake most of the time. He’s lost a lot of weight. There is no heart or brain damage. His daughter is one of his doctors who is keeping everyone away from him. She is an anethetist and was not on speaking terms with him, but now controls his health and won’t talk to anyone or let anyone see him. He is fighting for his life.

I stressed out so bad about it, I got shingles near my eyes and I need QT myself. I feel very badly about what is happening because it’s unbelievable and sad. Please Help! Send QT and prayer for healing and strength. Thank you so much. I will send my best energy, QT and prayers to all of these requests that I read as well! I’m just learning how to do it; it’s new to me.

A day later, the same forum member posted the following:

Today my friends in France filed a police report to investigate and move him out of there. I pray he will have the strength to survive until they can intervene.

And then on the Muscular Development forum, the following was reported as being from a “friend of Serge Nubret”:

Dear Friends of Serge,

Tommy and I are putting together a card to send to Serge from all of his
friends and fans to show him love and support. Serge has been in the hospital since March 18 when he was poisoned at Pascale’s apartment and sent to intensive care toxicology.

A police investigation has been going on for the past several weeks to fully examine all who were involved and the cover up at Lariboisiere Hospital (where Serge had been sedated/drugged into a state of coma/confused trance where he did not recognize anyone for over a month and could not move or talk).

His daughter, Karine, an anesthetist, was the doctor in charge of him. No one was allowed to see him.When the police became involved, Serge’s condition started to improve immediately–less than 24 hours later he started to recognize people again after the drugs/sedation were ceased.

He is still unable to talk or move very much. Police District 10 is not giving out much information right now because of protocol/security procautions; some of his family are currently under investigation.

Before Serge was poisoned, he was in one of the best conditions of his life. His physique looked similar to and weighed the same as it had decades earlier at his best.

Because he had no heart attack/stroke and his heart/brain MRI was also normal, we are hoping for recovery of memory and health and that there
is no permanent damage from being poisoned, drugged and sedated. Please send him positive energy and prayers.

Thank you.

The latest word came on July 17 when the forum included this post, supposedly from Nubret himself:

my children poisened me to take my money books and land

they drugging me so I canot talk and lies why i am here
i canot walk i dont want die in hopital
hopital know this and cover up everyting pleas get me out

We have reprinted all of the above posts in their original form, misspellings included.

What exactly happened to Nubret remains to be seen, but one thing that we know for sure is that he was training and looking fantastic for someone his age right before he was felled. The likely speculation was that Nubret was using performance-enhancing drugs for his ‘comeback,’ if you will, which caused him to become ill in the first place. Even if he was using anything, his possible grave present condition would appear to have more causes.

MuscleSport Mag has contacted the IFBB and the person who sent the information to Muscular Development asking for any details or at least clarification on what is and what is not true in this situation.