By Leigh Penman
for MuscleSport Mag

Dave Palumbo is one of the most highly respected athletes in the bodybuilding world. His approach to training and diet has taken up so much space on Internet forums over the years that, if it were to be transferred to print we would no doubt have more volumes than Encyclopedia Britannica! The reason for all the interest is no mystery…his principles work! The number of athletes he has coached to success over the years proves this beyond a doubt. Plus, you cannot overlook the fact that he took himself from a 140lb track and cross-country runner in 1986 to a 268lb heavyweight competitor at the 1996 NPC Nationals in Dallas, Texas (where he placed a very respectable 4th). Eleven years later his weight reached a massive 300lbs whilst still maintaining superb condition. It is clear that, when it comes to diet and training Dave is a master of the craft and now, thanks to the power of the DVD, you can have this ‘Merlin of Muscledom’ in your own living room, courtesy of the newly released….


In this DVD you will experience the equivalent of a one-on-one consultation with the man himself as Dave goes into detail about his approach to diet and supplementation. Some of the analogies he delivers during this highly entertaining seminar illustrate his theories in a manner that not only makes perfect sense but also hammer the point home in a way that makes you think twice about doing some of the things that have held back your progress over the years. For example, training on an empty stomach (we have all done it, and a lot of us still do!) and following the traditional low fat diet road to weight loss. I won’t spoil the surprise or steal some of the glow from your ‘light-bulb’ moment when you hear what Dave has to say here but let’s just say you will be unlikely to make those mistakes again once you have seen this DVD!

The great thing about DVD’s like this is the fact that they provide global access to important information, giving bodybuilders the opportunity of a seminar with one of the sports masters regardless of their location.

This DVD has been highly anticipated by Dave’s legions of followers and there is no doubt it is destined to become as important an item to the bodybuilder of today as Arnold’s ‘Education of a Bodybuilder’ was back in the day when books were the only way to present information.

Now, talking of books, one item that has achieved a somewhat cult status in the bodybuilding world is…


Written back in 2006, this book is not just relevant to anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves in prison, the key principles, thoughts and training techniques are valuable to anyone who calls themselves a bodybuilder. Here you will find chapters on basic nutrition, exercise selection and performance, training cycles, questions & answers and contest preparation. You will also find outlines of diets and supplement advice.

The unique thing about this book is the fact that it is, in essence, tailored to fit the needs of an athlete functioning with restricted resources. The restriction in this case may be related to prison confinement, however it is just as relevant to anyone who trains with limited equipment and a tight budget when it comes to purchasing food and supplements. It is also extremely relevant to the person who is always making excuses for why they can’t train or why they can’t make significant progress due to lack of resources.

‘Perfect Prison Physique’ functions as a great guide to bodybuilding for those wishing to take up the sport. Even as motivational tool this book is a worthwhile addition to your bodybuilding library. It is also quick and easy to read…leaving you plenty time to start working out once it has fired up your motivation!


Getting back to our subject, Dave Palumbo, along with being in constant demand for private coaching and nutritional advice, Dave has just recently set up his own mega -site for bodybuilders which will also be the breeding ground for many spin-off multi media projects. In addition to this, Dave’s supplement company SPECIES NUTRITION (which her runs with his fiancé, fellow bodybuilder Colette Nelson) has become one of the fastest growing nutrition companies in recent years. Yes, it is fair to say that life is busy for Mr. Palumbo; what’s more it doesn’t take a mystic to predict that it is about to get a whole lot busier in the years that lie ahead!

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