Rick Collins’ “Leap for Life”

rick-collins Rick Collins’ “Leap for Life”
By Joe Pietaro

Mineola, NY, July 2009 – Rick Collins — a Long Island-based attorney, popular author and the nation’s foremost legal authority on performance-enhancing substances — has announced that he is “leaping” into new territory this summer. In honor of two close friends and a relative stricken with cancer, Collins has created Leap for Life (www.leapforlife.org) – and will be jumping from a plane for the very first time in his life in order to help raise funds for the American Cancer Society … while also making a statement about exercising personal liberties as he flies through the air in his first-ever skydiving venture.

In preparation for this unprecedented Leap for Life, Collins is seeking sponsors to help raise money for this worthy cause – with people encouraged to donate for each foot he falls. Collins, a partner at Collins, McDonald & Gann, P.C. (www.cmgesq.com) and a popular personality in the bodybuilding, health, fitness and nutrition communities, will be jumping from an altitude of 13,500 feet – and hopes to raise a total of $1 for each foot he falls, or $13,500, through his jump.

Collins will perform his Leap for Life on August 23rd at noon. The American Cancer Society has set up a page to secure sponsors for Rick’s exceptional fundraising effort – encouraging people to visit www.leapforlife.org to donate by the foot. Every tax-deductible dollar raised will go directly to the American Cancer Society’s mission to eliminate cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy and service.

Leap for Life will take place at Skydive Long Island (www.skydivelongisland.com), which offers the highest altitude for jumping on Long Island and is the only dropzone on L.I. flying to 13,500 feet. Collins will be taking off and landing at Calverton Enterprise Airpark – a 2900 acre airport and one of the largest landing areas in the U.S.

“I knew that I wanted to find a way to raise funds in the fight against cancer, and, as I recently celebrated a big birthday, I was also looking for an opportunity to push my limits and challenge myself,” says Collins, whose upcoming book Alpha Male Challenge (www.alphamalechallenge.com) focuses on helping men “re-claim their edge” through an innovative, 10-week transformation program. “In addition, as an attorney committed to preserving the rights of informed adults to safe dietary supplements, this jump is a great way for me to get people thinking generally about individual American freedoms and what the law says people can and can’t do. If an adult can lawfully get in an airplane and jump out in mid-air, why does the government seem so quick to ban nutritional supplements that have comparatively higher safety levels? From a consistency standpoint, it doesn’t make much sense.”

Collins, a former Nassau County Assistant District Attorney, is a partner at Collins, McDonald & Gann, P.C. (www.cmgesq.com) – one of the leading criminal defense law firms on Long Island which also concentrates in sports nutrition and nutritional supplements law. As a leading legal advocate for the health and fitness community, as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and former co-owner of a personal training business, Collins’ Leap for Life stems not only from his desire to help those with cancer and to make a statement about exercising personal liberties, but from his lifelong dedication to fitness. He has integrated his devotion to strength and health into his hectic professional and personal schedule – and, with the upcoming release of Alpha Male Challenge (Rodale, September 2009) this fall, his goal is to motivate other men to reach their true “alpha” potential. His Leap for Life — in addition to his continuing groundbreaking work in the health and fitness community — supports his efforts to make significant contributions in the health/fitness arena … while also contributing to a cause of great importance to him.

“Rick’s Leap for Life is a truly unique fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, and we hope that people will be touched by his actions as they consider sponsoring him at whatever level they can,” says Marie Cimaglia, Regional Vice President/Nassau Region of the American Cancer Society. “We’re so grateful for his efforts in helping us with our mission, and we’re excited to witness this history-making skydive for the ACS that will mean so much for so many people.”

For more information about Rick Collins and his “Leap for Life” visit www.leapforlife.org or www.rickcollins.com.