Phil Heath: Lookin’ HUGE at NPC Long Island Contest

heathli Phil Heath: Lookin’ HUGE at NPC Long Island Contest
By Joe Pietaro

If there was any doubt as to the strategy of Phil Heath coming into the 2009 Mr. Olympia contest, it was cast aside with his guest posing appearance at the NPC Long Island on May 30. ‘The Gift’ looked absolutely huge from all angles as he took to the stage in East Islip and showed that he fully intends on coming into Las Vegas even bigger than he did last year.

Some may say that he had enough size when he finished in third place in his rookie ‘O,’ but with behemoths like Jay Cutler, Dennis Wolf and Victor Martinez to contend with, Heath apparently felt the need to take it a step further.

He appeared extremely thick and soft, but with nearly four months of preparation ahead of him, he certainly has enough time to cut up and get his physique the way he needs to to take the Sandow home with him.

This should come as a warning shot fired to Dexter Jackson, who is looking to repeat but may not have the size to do so. That and his age are working against him and ‘The Blade’ may be a ‘one and done’ Mr. Olympia such as Chris Dickerson and Samir Bannout. Nothing to be ashamed of, of course, but he would certainly like to go on a streak of his own.