New Zealand Pro Still Not Rescheduled

moe2New Zealand Pro Still Not Rescheduled
by Joe Pietaro

After being postponed in January, the 2009 New Zealand IFBB Pro Show still has not been rescheduled. Two possible new time frames are either July or after the Mr. Olympia, which is set for September 26, according to a report on one of New Zealand’s leading websites, GoFigure.

Moe El Moussawi, the IFBB pro that is the show’s promoter, stated on the site that the “show will more than likely be held in July or after the Olympia as the logisitics of getting the pros here after the Melbourne Grand Prix was too complicated.”

The originally scheduled date was March 15, the day after the contest in Australia.

There are also reports that economics played a part in the show not going off as planned and probably will again in an attempt to set a new date. Because many of the same competitors from America and other countries far from the area would have competed in both shows, it is hard to expect them to make the long journey again. That will make it a tough task to field an attractive line-up.

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