Mass Tab Causes Stroke in 17-Year-Old Football Player?

Mass Tab Causes Stroke in 17-Year-Old Football Player?

Mass Tab is a prohormone supplement marketed to help users gain size and strength. Unfortunately, the makers of this product are in a heap of controversy after the product was linked to allegedly causing a stroke in a 17-year-old football player who used the product and then fell ill!

“The manufacturers of Mass Tab have engaged in what appears to be fraud and reckless and negligent marketing of a bogus bulking supplement that contained a steroid,” said Greg Davis, attorney for the young football player, who filed a lawsuit in state court today. “The manufacturers failed to test and to warn the public of the known risks of its product, insidiously marketing it as having ‘low side-effects.’”

So Here Goes The Story

According to the complaint, Jacob Bray, a 17 year old athlete, purchased Mass Tab from the Supplement Shak in Oklahoma. He used the “supplement” over the course of several weeks. On January 31, 2008, he was weightlifting and immediately after doing a lift had a severe headache, which he terms as “an instant migraine,” and was disoriented. He was driven home by a friend and was still disoriented so he placed an icepack on his head, and took some Tylenol. When the headache seemed to intensify, his mother made an appointment with a neurologist and an MRI/MRA was ordered, at which time it was discovered that he son had suffered a stroke!

“My heart sank when I was told my son had suffered a stroke,” said Mrs. Bray. “The profiteers who sell hidden steroids in unhealthful ‘health’ supplements must be held accountable for their irresponsible conduct. For heaven’s sake, my son is just a teenager with his entire life before him.” Her attorney added, “Jacob was never informed about the extremely dangerous and sometimes lethal effects of steroids contained in dietary supplement products like Mass Tab.“

Mass Tab is a supplement marketed by IDS Sports, Supplement Synergy and Challenger Holdings. Mass Tab appears to have been pulled recently from the market but could be sold and marketed under a new name. Mass Tab contains, as one of its active ingredients, Stenbolone, which is a steroid launched in 1963 by Syntex, a pharmaceutical company no longer in business that was based in Mexico City. For more information check out