by Leigh Penman

As a natural bodybuilder, Layne Norton has recently expressed some very interesting theories when it comes to achieving a state of anabolism in the body without the use of drugs. He also has some unique approaches to training in order to stimulate maximum growth. Fortunately for us, he has just released a DVD – ‘Layne Norton Unleashed’ which covers these topics plus gives the viewer a unique opportunity to watch Layne working out in the gym.

Layne labels his training system Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training and on this DVD he explains how it works and takes you through workouts based around this technique for both upper and lower body.

Out of the gym, Layne discusses his views on nutrition and supplementation. It is in this area that Layne has some very interesting (and some would say controversial) theories. One of these theories revolves around meal frequency. In a recently published article, Layne challenged the bodybuilding standard of small frequent protein meals throughout the day as a way to maintain an anabolic state in the body. His research has revealed that consuming larger amounts of protein at 4-6 hour intervals may be a more effective way of triggering anabolism. Between these meals, a free-form amino acid and carbohydrate supplement is used to optimize the anabolic process.

When you consider the fact that most bodybuilders are hooked on the 5-8 small protein meals a day habit, you can see how this theory could ruffle a few feathers in the muscle world. However, Layne does have a BS in biochemistry and is currently a PhD candidate in nutritional sciences at the University of Illinois, so his concepts – though controversial – are based on scientific research.

Getting back to the DVD though, Layne Norton Unleashed features enough hardcore workout content and training advice to keep your motivation meter running and the quality of the footage is exceptionally high. So, if you are interested in hearing some training and diet tips from the perspective of a natural bodybuilder, this is one DVD you can’t afford to miss!

To purchase “Layne Norton Unleashed” visit www.biolayne.com and watch out for Layne on Musclesport Radio coming your way real soon!

Article Source: Musclesportmag.com

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