Don’t Count Out Gustavo Badell at Atlantic City Pro

gustavoDon’t Count Out Gustavo Badell at Atlantic City Pro
By Joe Pietaro

We’ve all heard the names being mentioned as favorites in Saturday’s IFBB Atlantic City Pro. Troy Alves and Hidetada Yamagishi are two that has been heard often. But little has been said about Gustavo Badell. The “Freakin’ Rican” has had a quiet 2009 after being very successful the prior year.

In 2008, Badell, 36, finished second at the Iron Man Pro, sixth at the Arnold Classic and 10th at the Olympia. So far this year, he has only competed once and placed 11th at the Arnold. This is a man who won the Iron Man in ‘05 and the San Francisco Pro in ‘06. Badell has also finished third at the 2004 and 2005 Mr. Olympias, so he has done well against the big boys in his career.

In his 11th year competing, the 5?8?, 240-pound Badell may not have many chances left at winning quality shows such as the Atlantic City. His experience and size will be pluses for him against a line-up that he should be able to handle. He must come in to the contest in top condition and having since March to prepare, there is no excuse if he does not.

2009 Atlantic City Pro IFBB Championships
Friday & Saturday, September 11&12th
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Promoted by Stokley Palmer & Ron Goldstein

Men’s Open

1. Almohsinawi, Khalid (Netherlands)
2. Anthony, Melvin (USA)
3. Apperson, Lee (USA)
4. Badell, Gustavo (USA)
5. Barrios-Sanchez, Jorge (SPAIN)
6. Chacon, Marcos (SPAIN)
7. Cohen, Simon (UNITED KINGDOM)
8. Dexter, Oscar (Tahiti)
9. Ingram, Leo Jr (USA)
10. Karadjuzovic, Emro (Yugoslavia)
11. Karamanlakis, Emmanouil (GREECE)
12. Lavoie, Marc (CANADA)
13. EFX’s Lytle, Daron (USA)
14. McGrath, Frank (USA)
15. Ojex, Bola (Nigeria)
16. Pelletier, Jocelyn (Canada)
17. Piotrkowicz, Robert (Poland)
18. Richardson, Craig (USA)
19. Sauvage, Frederic (France)
20. Seccarecci, Daniele (Italy)
21. Tabrizi, Ali Nouri (IRAN)
22. Yamagishi, Hidetada (JAPAN)
23. Alves, Troy