Dennis Wolf’s Hernia Injury May Be a Reason for Olympia DNP

Dennis Wolf’s Hernia Injury May Be a Reason for Olympia DNP
by Joe Pietaro

As the first two call-outs were read at the Orleans Arena during the pre-judging, Dennis Wolf was getting noticeably antsy. By being passed up, he must have known that this year’s Mr. Olympia contest was not going to be a successful for him. After finishing fourth and fifth, respectively, the last two years, even he couldn’t have imagined what was in store.

The giant from Germany did not even place and finished tied for 16th with Troy Alves, Darrem Charles, Martin Kjellstrom, Bill Wilmore, Joel Stubbs, Michael Kefalianos and Ahmad Haidar. Perhaps the hernia injury and subsequent surgery that kept him out of the Arnold Classic had more of an effect on Wolf’s preparation than anyone knows.

He did not appear to be anywhere near contest shape and one has to wonder if the 5?11?, 270-pounder has missed out on his best opportunities already. Wolf switched to a low-carb diet in 2008 and came in looking flat, but still placed one higher than the previous year. This time around, he went back to a regular diet under the impression that he would fill out better. Unfortunately this was not the case.

Because his offseason was cut short by the injury and recovery period, Wolf did not have the same time frame to get himself ready for this show. Even if he had competed in March, Wolf would have been in better condition to bulk up and cut down by September.

Because he will now need to qualify for next year’s Olympia, Wolf must decide on what show he chooses to compete in to get there. It will not be an easy road back but he is going to be one of the biggest names at a show such as the Iron Man Pro or Europa. If he has any expectations on becoming a legitimate Olympia candidate again, he needs to dominate at one of these ’second tier’ competitions and also place high at the Arnold.

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